High Key Croci

Multiple Exposure High Key Croci

High Key Croci

Let’s start the Monday posts with a bright and cheerful floral image! It is Spring, really. The croci on the conifer lawn at RHS Wisley Gardens were glorious in the spring sunshine last week. Even in the snow on Sunday they were still popping with colour against the white blanket! I created this high-key image with an in-camera double exposure, zooming in on my subjects for the second exposure to accentuate the shaping of the flowers. It’s an image that makes me smile so I think it’s a good candidate for this week’s Wex Monday’s challenge.

2 comments on “High Key Croci

  1. Never heard them called that before! Had to look it up, and see that although croci can be used a s a plural it is not a Latin word, but actually Greek from Krokos – so crocuses is more common. The things you learn from blogging! Anyway lovely image and I wish I had that many crocuses / croci in my garden 😀

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