Easter Nest Building

Nest Building at Swell Wood Heronry

Easter Nest Building

On Saturday we went to visit family in Somerset to celebrate Easter together. After lunch the grandchildren enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt around the house, with the last egg having been cunningly hidded under Simon’s hat, on his head. When they finally figured it out he was uncrermoniously mobbed for the chocolate treat! After finding all those eggs, we then went off in search of nests. Fortunately they weren’t far off, at RSPB Swell Wood Nature Reserve and Heronry. The heron pairs are busily putting the finishing touches to their nests, high in the tree canopy. They’re well hidden in the dense branches but I managed to get this pair in focus, on the Fujinon XF 100-400mm lens on a sturdy tripod, so that all the children could watch them a bit more closely. It was a dark and dull day so I was pleased to actually manage to get a shot of them! With so many nests, I’m sure there will be plenty of baby herons in the near future. I’m posting this image for today’s Fotospeed challenge. Good luck to everyone taking part!

2 comments on “Easter Nest Building

    • Yep, down near the levels 😊 Beautiful part of the world! Love going to see our family there. I started using Fuji for the 100-400mm lens which I absolutely love! Only have the XPro 1 at the moment which is great for relatively still subjects but I’m hoping to upgrade to the XT 20 as it has much better focus tracking and touch screen focusing too. Perfect for wildlife! I looked at the XT 2 and it’s lovely but doesn’t have the touch screen functionality. Keeping my Sony mirrorless gear too as its great traveling kit! Thanks my friend 😊

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