Red Squirrel at the British Wildlife Centre


The sight of red squirrels at The British Wildlife Centre in Surrey instantaneously turns me into a small, exciteable child! That’s a good thing. I think we should all embrace our inner-child and revel in the simple delights of the World around us far more often! Especially when it comes to wildlife and nature. It’s the best therapy ever! Supporting places like the British Wildlife Centre is also the ideal way to help secure a future for our precious British wildlife, as well as providing a fantastic educational resource for schools. I hope this dear little squizzle will bring a big smile to everyone who follows my blog and more smiles over at Wex Photo Video, as this is my entry for this week’s Wex Mondays challenge.

6 comments on “SQUIZZLE!

    • Thanks Barbara 😊 I keep promising myself that I will pay a visit to the Isle of Wight or Brownsea to watch them in the wild. They’re also found on Anglesey and some other reserves in North England. I do remember seeing them wild in Scotland when I was a child! They’re such fun and the work they do at the British Wildlife Centre is really important 😁

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