ShareMondays2018 – Evensong

Singing Wren

ShareMondays2018 – Evensong

[ee-vuh n-sawng, -song]
noun: a service of evening prayers, psalms, and canticles, conducted according to a set form, especially that of the Anglican Church.
“choral evensong”

Seven o’clock, Sunday evening and the wren sings to the heavens. For this brief moment in time heaven surely did exist upon this patch of Earth. In the hedgerows, between the fields of wheat, blessedly bordered with grasses and wildflowers. I hear your prayer little wren. A plea to humanity to protect your habitat for generations to come. I hear you give thanks to the farmer who so tenderly looks after the wild borders around his precious crops. The abundance of life in this small paradise was a joy to behold! I revelled in the glory of the sights and sounds of nature in suburban Surrey.

One comment on “ShareMondays2018 – Evensong

  1. I have one who visits my garden and sings so sweetly to me. You wouldn’t think such a loud, strong sound could come from such a tiny bird. Lovely photo 🙂

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