Lost In The Light

Lost In The Light

Lost In The Light

Just little ol’ me, lost in the lights at Wembley Park, getting a quick selfie to send you all Seasons Greetings!

13 comments on “Lost In The Light

    • Thanks Jude 😊 Simon spent most of Christmas wishing every a happy one in Greek! I do love the sound of the old British languages. No visit to Shropshire for us this time as my mother-in-law has moved to the other side of the Mynd in Church Stretton! Lots of work to be done on the house but I look forward to seeing them soon. Very sad for them to leave their amazing gardens and woodlands but it got too much to manage. Church Stretton is a lovely community though and they’ll still get lots of wildlife in the new garden. Have a wonderful 2019 in beautiful Cornwall xxx

      • You too Sarah. We have just come back from Church Stretton. It is a lovely community and some very nice cafes there too. I did find it a little gloomy though on account of being surrounded by those lovely hills. I hope they have a house with a nice outlook.

      • Oh how funny! They should do, they’re just on the outskirts so the views up to the Long Mynd should be quite lovely 😊 And we won’t have to dodge the sheep in the field that led to their old place πŸ˜‚ I hope the new owners have as much love for the wildlife! I had spotted lots of little cafes and coffee shops in the town and of course it has the train station too which will be good for them. They finally have central heating which was most important!

      • The train service is good (though hardly runs to time) for getting to Shrewsbury or Ludlow. Runs quite late too. I recommend Berry’s for breakfast (or lunch or even coffee and cake!). And the Indian restaurant there is exceptional. I’m sure they will live having central heating!!

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