ShareMondays2019 – Atomic


ShareMondays2019 – Atomic

This is what happens when your brain is bursting with Open University STM Access Course study material and your one day off is at your grandson’s 8th Birthday Party! I see science everywhere. In this case, balloons filled with glitter and a disco light.

Am I going slightly mad?

Weird Science

Anyway, I shall wish our wonderful Callum a very HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY again! He and all the other children were just as fascinated by the patterns they could make in these balloons as I was. It was a great party!

3 comments on “ShareMondays2019 – Atomic

    • Oh wow! It’s strange being in education again after so many years. It’s science, technology, engineering and math. The access courses are designed for anyone who has been out of education for a while to get back into the routine and make sure you have the necessary knowledge and skills to go on to doing a degree course. I’m hoping to do Health Sciences but may keep doing a few ecology courses alongside the degree. I loved the first Block of my course which was all centred on ecology 😊

      • Great stuff! Oh I’d hang onto the ecology bits – but I’m biased!!! And, yes, I can understand the strangeness, I did a Postgrad Cert in Education at Bristol Uni, 15 years or so after getting my PhD – and there I was, aged 40, sitting in lectures with all those 20 years olds! Good luck with your studies. A 🙂

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