ShareMondays2019 – OH!


ShareMondays2019 – OH!

Definitely the largest fish I’ve ever seen one of the Bushy Park herons catch! Pretty sure it’s a common carp. After successfully evading the Heron Pond anglers and keeping itself warm in the dense reed-beds on a frosty night, I think the last thing this fish expected was to be gobbled up for breakfast. It actually gave it’s captor a few firm tail-slaps around the face, for good measure, on the way down! OH! Well, my mum coined it and I couldn’t really call it anything else. So with a busy Monday ahead, this is my entry for all three of the Monday photo challenges including Wex Mondays and Fotospeed. Have a great week everyone!

Hunting Heron

13 comments on “ShareMondays2019 – OH!

    • Thanks Adrian 😊 I was so stunned when he came up with such an enormous fish! It’s usually little ones, newts and frogs for these herons. I wondered if he’d actually keep a hold of it as it thrashed around in his beak. It did take him a while to actually get his meal down πŸ˜‚

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