ShareMondays2019 – On Frozen Pond

On Frozen Pond

ShareMondays2019 – On Frozen Pond

My little patch of Surrey didn’t get much snow but there was just enough to capture a few wintry scenes at Bushy Park on Friday morning. Not a single heron in sight by Heron Pond! The gulls had left some interesting tracks in the light snow cover on the frozen pond and the scene really lent itself to a minimalist, high-key process. This one’s for both ShareMondays and the Fotospeed challenge this week.

6 comments on “ShareMondays2019 – On Frozen Pond

    • Oh I’m so glad someone got the wordplay in the title! Thanks Mark 😊 Such a shame the snow didn’t last very long here and it was a very overcast day too! Have seen some wonderful images of the snow around the UK from the last week though.

      • I’m most definitely at least middle aged! The classic films really stick in the mind. A beautiful story! Actually wrote a poem based on the film, inspired by the golden light on a nearby lake. It should be on the blog from a while back but if you put On Golden Pond into the search box it should find it 😊

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