Wordless Wednesday: First Butterfly Of 2019

Red Admiral Tryptich, February 2019

Wordless Wednesday: First Butterfly Of 2019

Red Admiral February 2019Red Admiral February 2019Red Admiral February 2019

6 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: First Butterfly Of 2019

    • Thanks so much Christine 😊 I just had to make sure I didn’t disturb it with my shadow and it posed rather nicely in the sunshine. Even though it took flight several times, red admirals are very territorial and often have a favourite sunning spot that they will fly right back to 😊

    • Oh wonderful 😁 I saw commas and brimstone on the wing but none settled for me. I know a few people spotted tortoiseshell and peacock too 😊 All safely tucked away in their winter snugs now until the weather warms up again! The warmth and sunshine was glorious 😊 Thanks Jude!

    • Thanks Adrian 😊 I love red admirals, first and last butterflies of the year usually! I know a few of their favourite territories around Wisley so hoped that I would find some out in the warm weather we had 😊 Shame that I couldn’t get photos of the commas and brimstone that I spotted flitting about! This red admiral was looking in pretty good nick from hibernation. Often the early ones are a bit tattered or quite small.

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