ShareMondays2019 – Stick With It

Stick With It

ShareMondays2019 – Stick With It

I had a great photoshoot with drummer Andy Gray yesterday! It was a shoot that was testament to the resilience of creatives in the face of adversity. Andy’s bad back and my multitude of medical annoyances were NOT going to get in the way of the creative photoshoot we had planned!

Using the rehearsal space at Firespark Studios with the wonderful Julia K has allowed me to get back to a style of photography that I have always loved. For me, portraiture needs to tell a story. Sometimes a minimalist, subtle image can carry that story in a far more powerful way than a traditional portrait. Andy’s drumsticks are an extension of himself, in much the same way as my camera is now, or my brush was when I was painting.

When you stick with the thing you love, not just what you do, but who you are, the means by which you choose to express yourself aren’t just tools any more. The connection becomes organic. I am my art. Julia is a spark of creativity and Andy is his music!

8 comments on “ShareMondays2019 – Stick With It

  1. My only regret was we ran out of time. We had so many more ideas we wanted to try. What we got was great and I think the collective creativity and sense of fun in the room came out in the shots! I had a great day with you all!

    • I always regret not having enough time for everything I have planned. We did need to pace ourselves though! I love working over at Julia’s with the creative atmosphere there 😊 The best portraits are made when both model and photographer are able to have fun with the process and nothing is rushed. Thanks for asking me to create a series for you 😁

    • Thanks so much Adrian 😊 It was really great working with Andy and I’m thrilled with the feedback that I’ve had on this one image from the photoshoot! The biggest aim with promo work is to produce something that will effectively promote your client’s business.

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