3 comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Watchful Whitethroat

  1. Sarah, a really wonderful picture of a very much loved bird. Down on the Somerset Levels recently, a partly fledged youngster, fallen out of the nest, walked right up to me, and all I could do was put it in a more sheltered, safer spot. I used to see these in the northern winters in Kenya too. A 🙂

    • Thanks Adrian 😊 I absolutely love them! Checked in on a few of the nesting pairs at the wetlands today and some adults are still busy collecting food but it looks like one nest has fledged 😁 They’re one of our many sub-saharan summer visitors! I would be quite fascinated to see them in Africa. It would be interesting to see how different their behaviour is outside of breeding season and in a very different environment. Well done rescuing the juvenile!! Love that it just walked right up to you 😂 Expect what you did was enough! They can climb I believe, even at an early age, and the parents would have kept on feeding it. Thanks for taking the time to comment so often! It’s really appreciated, even if I’m running short on time to reply often 😊

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