ShareMondays2019 – Lazy Days


ShareMondays2019 – Lazy Days

I’ve been out of action for two weeks now and I think our Juno is as bored of it all as I am! The antibiotics did improve my throat infection and I finally have my voice back. I only started the correct treatment for the inner ear infection last Thursday though so I’m still a little bit off balance. Hopefully things will improve soon and I’ll be back out there again!



7 comments on “ShareMondays2019 – Lazy Days

    • Thanks Julie 😊 She is a little darling! They’ve been looking after me. One thing after another 🙄 How’s everything in New Zealand? I’m feeling for family in Australia with the extreme heat so I really hope it’s not as bad in NZ!

      • Hi Sarah ..good to hear from you! Australia is coping terrible temps, a friend lives in the Blue Mountains and it was 44 today. Awful! Those fires are out of control very very sad. Thankfully we get plenty of rain in NZ!

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