ShareMondays2020 – The Shielded


ShareMondays2020 – The Shielded

So just who are The Shielded?

Well the media are rather misrepresenting us I think! We are the unseen 1.8million. We’re not all in care homes, aged over 70 or “people who would probably have died at some point this year”. If I hear, or read, one more report that claims that many of the Covid-19 related deaths don’t really count, because that person would have likely passed away soon anyway, I will scream! Every death is a person, an individual with loved ones. All the World War rhetoric inspired me to get hold of a vintage gas mask. DON’T wear one of these to protect yourself against Covid! It’s a representation of the suffocating mask I feel has been placed upon me. I can’t help but think of Wilfred Owen’s poem Dulce et Decorum Est! Please read it. I am stumbling and floundering.


Many people in The Shielded group are there because they have a lifelong illness that requires immunosuppression. This could be because of cancer, organ transplant or autoimmune disease. The aim of our treatment is to give us as long a life as possible! Many people in this group are young. Most people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) – Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis – are diagnosed between the ages of 15 and 25. I was 19yrs old. My mother was told that it was 50/50 if I would actually make it through the night. I stay shielded so that she, and the rest of my loved ones, don’t have to hear that kind of news again, because I’ve contracted coronavirus!

Shielded Warriors

While the majority of the population are now thinking about the easing of lockdown, The Shielded know that we’ve got a few more months of being shut away in our own homes, before we can even get that “one exercise outing per day”. Count your lucky stars people! We’re not superheroes, just ordinary people who would like to get on with our lives in the usual way too. Some people are waiting for operations, new therapies, hospital referrals or local treatments. Part of normal life for a lot of us. We’ve accepted that certain things have had to go on hold. You can help us get back to our normal by Staying Home, Protecting The NHS and Saving Lives. Who knows, you might even save mine!

6 comments on “ShareMondays2020 – The Shielded

  1. Well said, Sarah… whilst I am not one of the shielded, because my condition means that I have a weakened immune system I am shielding as I feel it gives me a better chance.

  2. Wonderful post, Sarah, I agree with everything you have said, and I very much understand your emotion. Being 70 and “not thin” I’m at risk too, though not radically, I think. I still walk early in the mornings when there are extremely few other walkers about.
    And as to “It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country.”, I think that countries, flags,
    national anthems, etc are just one of the great types of malaise that Humanity suffers from. Interesting really, that’s its considered fine to die for one’s country – and “one” might even receive a meaningless piece of metal to pin onto one’s posthumous chest. Whereas should I want to die for myself, ie suicide, then it is considered that the balance of my mind must be disturbed in some way, and that I am guilty of a crime. This is simply one of the myriad types of rubbish that we are fed eternally by the authorities.
    You take care, my dear, you are often in my thoughts. Adrian 🙂

  3. Great statement, Sarah. I‘m suffering from asthma, which makes me also a bit more endangered compared to others. I also try to lock me down as much as possible and I don‘t complain. The other way is true. As long as there is no medical treatment availlable nearly everyone should stay away from others. We have a kid of 3 1/2 jumping here around. So I know what it means to lock a kid.

    • Oh crikey! That’s a full on energetic age 😯 They’re like little duracell bunnies! Glad this has resonated with you and I’m glad you’re staying as safe as possible. I have a friend who is shielded just through her asthma. Mine is reasonably well controlled but I have been hospitalised in the past from it so it tipped me from “moderate” up to the “extremely high” risk group. I know a number of people who have been reclassified as moderate but still aren’t taking any chances and continue to shield. Take care of yourselves x

  4. You have put it perfectly Sarah, I’ve said the same thing from day 1, but everyone listens to the media and the government, rather than applying common sense. I really feel for you, and your husband and direct family, but please keep hanging on in there, you’re appreciation of the real world (not including us shitty humans) is really important, you have a special touch with the nature around us!! 🙂

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