Pandemonium: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Watcher

Well this is weird; I’m spying on my own cat!

Feigning sleep that afternoon I heard the light scrabble of paws and opened my eyes a crack just in time to see the curtain twitch as he climbed out the window.

I threw back the duvet, already dressed, grabbed a black woollen hat and my keys and left the house.

I went out the back door, pulling the hat down to cover my hair, and peered around the side of the building. If he headed over one of the fences my simple plan of Follow-the-cat would be over before it had started! He looked round and  flattened myself back against the wall, waited a moment then looked back to see him trotting nonchalantly toward the road. Crap! Not that way! Then he slowed, looked up and down the road and disappeared under a large shrub bush. Hunting then? I crept along the front of the house and manoeuvred myself behind a birch tree where I could just see the bush.

The bush that was now shaking like it had been caught in a storm! I could just about make out a part of him in the shadows, a part that was elongating and vibrating, “What the……” I uttered a whispered curse as I watched a small black cat vibrate itself into a young man. Naked young man! That was when I discovered that the cat was a shapeshifter!

He pulled at what looked like a section of bark from the shrub and there seemed to be a cleverly disguised hidey-hole underneath.

“Thought I knew all your hiding places!” I quietly said to myself. What the hell was going on? “I’m not asleep, I‘m not asleep, it’s not a dream” my new mantra! Although  wasn’t sure I really believed myself.

The Pan-youth had now dressed himself and crawled from the shrub, shouldering a small rucksack. He looked up and down the road then headed toward the village.

“Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound” I muttered and started to follow, keeping close to the hedgerow, hiding behind trees as I watched him go.

He looked to be in his early twenties, jet black hair, with dirty blue jeans and a black sweater.

Pretty nondescript really and I couldn’t yet get a look at his face. Somehow I doubted his eyes would still be large golden orbs!

“Argh, that’s blown it!” I exclaimed as he flagged the bus down at the stop, then I dove behind the closed tree as the bus drove on past me heading toward town.

I’d never get back to the car quick enough to get back on his trail! Added to that my car’s pretty conspicuous; big, black, wheelchair in the back. Pan knows it rather well!

“I need a new plan!” I wandered back to the house thinking through everything I’d witnessed.
Strangely enough I didn’t feel freaked out by Pan’s change, my own curiosity had taken over and my mind was awhirl with the possibilities!

Who was he, this man who changed into a cat? And why was he living as a cat, even been in a re-homing centre? I’ve always joked that when I die, I’m coming back as a cat! I mean, what a life to have if you’ve got the right home. Food on demand, sleep where and whenever you like, stroking massage every day, lots of treats, no bills, no responsibility. Yeah, okay, I can maybe see the appeal to someone like Pan!

But where was he going and why? It’s not like he needs to go shopping! Are there others like him that he’s meeting with? I need to know more. I want to know more!

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