Pandemonium: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Not Much Of A Plan

Pan was pretending to have spent the afternoon in the wardrobe when I called him for dinner. I’m not sure when he’d got back. I’d tried to keep a lookout and listened carefully for his return but he’s pretty good at this game!

Well two can play at being sneaky. He’s not onto me yet and hopefully I can keep it that way whilst I try to unravel this mystery. I’ve no idea what idea what I‘ll do when I have! Will I confront him or not? If I do will he scarper? I don’t want that really. I don’t think I do anyway! I love Pan. Pan the cat that is. He’s been the perfect companion. I guess he knows that though! I wonder if he does actually care for me at all.

I really can’t think about that right now. I need to play the long game here and just take each day as it comes. Most of all I need to act normal!
“Sorry Pan, mummy’s got to go out for a bit! Low on milk and I need a cuppa”

It’s risky but here’s the plan. I’ve got a phone tracker app so if I can hide my phone somewhere in that backpack of his then I should be able to track the phone and Pan on my laptop when he next disappears!
The risks are; he finds the phone, he goes out of GPS range, the battery runs down, he doesn’t go out for days and I can’t get the phone recharged!

I’ve had to disable all notifications, put the phone on silent and at the last minute I remembered to turn off vibrate! I hope that’s everything covered.
In a ridiculous effort to cover myself I even drive the car out of the car park and pull up just beyond sight of his hiding place.

This also gave me a chance to have a look in that bag. Once retrieved I switch my torch on and peer inside. Not much to go on! Some gloves and a hat, a wallet with some notes and loose change though no cards or ID of any kind, a notebook and a pen. The notebook is full of letters and numbers.

I don’t have the time to really study it now but some of the numbers in one column could be dates.
There are a couple of zipped pockets, empty, inside and without much alternative I slip the phone into one that shouldn’t dig into his back or arm.
I drove quickly to the shop to get the milk that wasn’t really needed and hurried home.

Pan was curled up on the sofa when I came in and purred contentedly whilst I drank my milky tea and absent-mindedly stroked him. Whatever I may have seen he’s still Pan, still my constant companion, my soul mate.
I trust in his nature. I may not know what he’s up to but I mean to find out!

I woke up so tired the next day! It’s so hard to switch my brain off at night on a good day but with all this strangeness my mind is wandering to places that I just don’t want to visit. Night terrors are exhausting! They all follow patterns related to my own sense of helplessness. My subconscious twists them into personal horror stories, bringing my worst fears to life. The reality of them is as tangible as any waking experience.

It wasn’t hard pretending to fall asleep that afternoon! The hard part was actually staying awake. Fatigue doesn’t normally give me much choice in the matter but I had so much adrenalin coursing through me, waiting in anticipation to see what Pan would do.

I was beginning to think that he wasn’t going anywhere when I felt the tell-tale brush of his whiskers against my cheek as he tested to see if I was really out of it. I waited to hear the sound of curtains moving and the soft thump as he leapt to the window, then I struggled to get myself back up again and started to put the new plan into action.

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