Pandemonium: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Strange Meeting

I pulled up the tracker program on the laptop and headed out to the car. Pan was definitely heading toward the town again.

Parking up I checked the tracker and could see the general area where Pan was. I sat and watched the screen for a while and he seemed to be staying in the one place. Time to go and find him!

There were a couple of clothes shops, a bank, an opticians and two coffee shops close to where the tracker led me. I figured he must be in one of the coffee shops so I nonchalantly strolled past the window to the closest one, trying to look at people unobtrusively through the windows.

“Ha, gotcha!” he was sitting by himself near the back of the shop. It was busy inside today and I only spotted him because of the backpack hanging from his chair. I walked forward past the shop and turned to get a better look at him. His skin had an olive tone to it, Mediterranean I guessed. Dark eyes to match his black hair. His face was well defined but still had a softness to it. He was concentrating on something on the table in front of him.

“What the hell!” I figured I had nothing to lose by going in and getting a drink myself so I could get a better look at what he was doing. Collecting my latte I realised just how busy it was inside! There wasn’t a table free anywhere. Pan’s table had a couple of free chairs. Should I risk it?

“Sorry, do you mind if I sit here? It’s busier than usual in here today!” I asked, trying desperately not to stare at him by looking at the chair. Through the corner of my eye I caught his eyes widen and caught a faint gasp before he composed himself, “Er, yeah, sure. Sorry, I’m kinda busy though….”

Did he think that might turn me away? “Ah, thanks! Needed a caffeine boost between tasks!” I smiled and gripped my latte hard enough to disguise my shaky hands but not so hard to break the glass. It was then that I noticed he was using a laptop. Now where the hell did that come from?! It most definitely was NOT in that backpack of his last night.

So now what the hell do I do? I’m sat here opposite my CAT who’s drinking coffee and using a laptop. Surreal doesn’t even begin to cover this! Okay, I guess I’ll go with some mindless small talk, “So was it this busy when you got here?”

“Um, I didn’t really notice. Sorry!” he replied, steadfastly not meeting my eyes. Not such a great opening then. “No, I’m sorry, I’m disturbing you. Bad habit of mine, starting up conversations with strangers! Curious as a cat you could say” dumb, dumb, that was really unsubtle!

Pan raised his eyes and stared me down in that way only a cat can! I lowered my eyes and slurped on my latte, “Ooh, hot, hot, hot! Burnt tongue, great.” I pulled a face, sticking out my tongue and stroking it, as if that would help! Automatic response and pretty embarrassing in public.

Pan smirked and let out a faint snicker, “Yeah, that’s why you normally let your tea go cold too!”
“Hmmn, bit shattered today, not thinking too clearly!” and then it struck me, he’d just remarked on a particular habit of mine.

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