Pandemonium: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Insights

Silence. I think he realised what had just happened about a millisecond after I did! Our eyes met again and I saw him glance at the door, a fleeting thought of escape and then the realisation that it just couldn’t happen.
“Hello Pan. I guess I should ask you for my phone back now. It’s hidden in your backback”
“You TRACKED me!” he exclaimed, incredulous.
“Oh come on, what did you expect? And do you really think you can take some moral high ground with me on this! You were the one sneaking around and lying to my face all this time” I said,
“Ah, now I never actually lied to you! Did I? It’s not like you speak Cat! And just how the hell did you find out what I am, did someone contact you? Shit, they can’t have found me. Not after all this time!” he was started to sound panicked,
“Chill, okay! Nobody contacted me, nobody knows anything and I’m sure as hell not saying shit! Anyone found out what I’ve been doing they’d section me or something.”
“So?” he asked,
“So what? I found out! You opened the bloody window. For an agoraphobic cat that rather piqued my interest!” I said,
“We really shouldn’t be talking here! And I still have work to do” he returned to the laptop,
“Oh sure, just cut me off! No problem Pan, we’re both adults right? I mean, you ARE an adult…..something. Just thought you might like to explain yourself, set things right with me. Unless you have some sort of power that you’re planning to erase my memory with? I mean how am I supposed to know? What are you anyway, warlock, wizard, werecat…..” I was getting a bit pissy now!
“We REALLY need to talk about this somewhere else Sarah! Unless you’re actually interested in that whole sectioning thing?” he hissed,
“Fine. I can wait here in silence ‘til you’re done but then I’m driving you home and we WILL talk about this”
“Ha, who are you, my mother!”
“For the last two years, YES!” I sat back with my arms crossed and gave him my very best cat stare!
He huffed and pulled the laptop closer to him, scrolling down whatever he was scrutinising.
“And where did that come from? It wasn’t in that backpack of yours!”
“It’s not stolen if that’s what you’re going to accuse me of next! I have friends” he asserted,
“What, people like you? Around here? Do you all turn into cats?”
He sighed and looked up at me, “Sarah, we ARE cats.”
“Oh don’t get cryptic with me! Just give me some straight answers okay?”
“I just did!” he snapped the laptop closed and got up,
“Where the hell are you going now?” I demanded,
“Home, apparently. And you’re driving!”

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