Monochrome Madness: Allium

Monochrome Madness: Allium

Monochrome Madness: Allium

There are sixty one intriguing images for your viewing pleasure in Monochrome Madness, Week 14! Leanne Cole and Laura Macky are inspiring loads of us to find our inner Ansel Adams, Angus McBean, Man Ray or David Bailey. These are a few of the photographic artists who have inspired me throughout my career!

All of these artists were forever experimenting with their chosen medium, finding new techniques and developing processes. Life is a constantly evolving learning curve! I love trying out lots of different developing methods and styles with some of my images.

As I’ve said before, monochrome doesn’t work with everything, you need to pick the right subject. This week I’m focussing on floral photos. Strong contrast and shapes can make a really good monochrome image. My featured photo is a white allium. The tones and sculptural shape of this flower make it a perfect choice I think! It’s really important to have a good base image to work from when you’re converting your photo to monochrome or B&W. I think the allium looks great in both colour and monochrome!

Using details of a plant can create a really great monochrome abstract. I was drawn to this next plant for the beads of rain caught in the hairs of the flower head. Again, I think this works well in colour and B&W.

These lilies have great contrast and shape, but it’s the colour contrasts between the orange stamen and the green stems and background that really make the image for me. Converting this to B&W lost the real beauty of the original!

The mass of daisies covering the stone wall really caught my eye. The image works well in both colour and monochrome but needed very different processing styles. I cut the contrast and softened the colour tones for the colour image but then boosted the contrast, sharpened and brightened the flowers for the B&W.

I love Dahlias! When I saw these white dahlias I knew they would make a great monochrome image. There’s nothing wrong with my base colour image but the high contrast B&W really speaks to me.

I find white roses are really hard to photograph well in colour! The shape of this rose looked like it would make a really great B&W image. It doesn’t work at all for me in colour but being able to isolate the flower in monochrome changes it from a mediocre photo into something beautiful 🙂

I hope this gives you all some ideas and I’d love to hear your thoughts on colour versus monochrome. Is there anything in particular that you’d like me to create for my next Monochrome Madness image?