Lost Souls Swimming In A Fish Bowl

Lost Souls Swimming In A Fish Bowl

The lyrics from one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs, Wish You Were Here. I wish I could be back down there now, under the sea, weightless, floating into the blue, escorted by a flotilla of fish.

The diver you see here, surrounded by all those fish, is Darios from the Arian Diving Centre in Kardamena. We’ve been fortunate enough to do four dives with Arian this year while in Kos. The dives were split over two days, the first a new site for us off the little island of Strongili. Fantastic spot with stunning underwater landscapes, shimmering thermoclines and vast shoals of damselfish.

On our second day out we headed west along the coast of Kos to Santa Irini, where Mount Dikeos drops down in almost vertical cliffs and gullies to create an underwater landscape full of chasms, reefs and caves. Around the reef Darios feeds the fish and they flock to him! Moving through the waters with fish darting all around you, swimming side by side with them is the most wonderful experience. I can’t thank Arian and Darios, particularly, enough for these experiences! Simon and I learn more with each dive and Arian have helped us immensely on our journey as Open Water Scuba Divers.

We’re coming to the end of our holiday sadly but it’s been absolutely wonderful again! Kos is a beautiful island above and below the waters. I thoroughly recommend that you put it on your travel list! I hope you all enjoy these images and I bet you do now wish you were here.

For WexMondays photo challenge.


Greetings From A Grouper 

Greetings From A Grouper 

The dusky grouper we encountered during our dive on Saturday seemed to be quite fascinated by me! I was practically nose to nose with this character for quite a while. 

We did two dives from the boat off the coast of Kos with Arian Diving Centre in Kardamena. I can thoroughly recommend joining them for a day if you’re over here! 

Diving is one of the best things I have ever learnt to do!! I feel so free in the water. There’s so much beauty in the landscape, plants and wildlife. I will definitely write a longer blog about our experiences when we get back to the UK but I only have my phone with me to process images and post blogs at the moment! 

I’m posting this for both the Fotospeed challenge and Wex Mondays this week, along with a gallery of a few other groupers! Enjoy 😀