Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

Serene Spirits

Time slows to a gentle
Pulsing beat of the heart
The world exists only in
This moment of serenity
Transfixed by their grace
Sylph-like they flitter
Ephemeral enchanters with
Dusted wings that glitter
In a flutter of delight
Glimpses of bright colour
Caught by coruscated light
Filtered through foliage
Dancing in the breeze
And here and there
Shadows cavort to a song
That only they can hear
Pulling at my soul to join
With them in celebration
Of the simple pleasures
Of a great star that
Warms and stirs the air
Of twisting currents
Rising above running waters
Of freedom to drift and soar
To follow the heart’s desire
To continue this fleeting
Life cycle and re-emerge
In pristine nascency
A renewal of selfhood
An ascension of spirit
Soaring skyward in a
Transitory ballet played out
Upon the winds of time


A Sip of Golden Nectar

A Sip of Golden Nectar

This Asian Swallowtail butterfly danced amongst the Clock Vine flowers sipping nectar on the wing and providing a beautiful spectacle for those of us in RHS Wisley’s Glasshouse today.

The Indian Clock Vine (Thunbergia mysorensis) spans the entire length of the tropical area of the glasshouse and is truly stunning with its slipper-shaped yellow and maroon flowers filled with sweet nectar. In the wild it is mostly visited by sunbirds and hummingbirds.

The Asian Swallowtail (Papilio lowi) is sometimes called The Great Yellow Mormon and to see this little beauty in the wild you’ll need to go to Borneo, Indonesia or the Philippines.

The Butterflies in The Glasshouse event as Wisley runs until the 24th February so do go along if you can