ShareMondays2019 – Stick With It

Stick With It

ShareMondays2019 – Stick With It

I had a great photoshoot with drummer Andy Gray yesterday! It was a shoot that was testament to the resilience of creatives in the face of adversity. Andy’s bad back and my multitude of medical annoyances were NOT going to get in the way of the creative photoshoot we had planned!

Using the rehearsal space at Firespark Studios with the wonderful Julia K has allowed me to get back to a style of photography that I have always loved. For me, portraiture needs to tell a story. Sometimes a minimalist, subtle image can carry that story in a far more powerful way than a traditional portrait. Andy’s drumsticks are an extension of himself, in much the same way as my camera is now, or my brush was when I was painting.

When you stick with the thing you love, not just what you do, but who you are, the means by which you choose to express yourself aren’t just tools any more. The connection becomes organic. I am my art. Julia is a spark of creativity and Andy is his music!


Under The Spotlight

Julia K performing with The Diamond Hearts

Under The Spotlight

My dear friend and muse, Julia K, performing with her 80’s music band, The Diamond Hearts on Saturday evening. So much emotion conveyed in her performances! Her passion for the music she performs is palpable. The Diamond Hearts capture the hearts of their audiences wherever they perform! This high contrast mono is my entry to this week’s Fotospeed challenge. I hope that everyone out there is as entranced by Julia as her audiences (and friends!) are! If you would like to find out more about the band, or make a booking for an event please visit The Diamond Hearts


Black And White Challenge: Day 5 – Crafty Corvid


Black And White Challenge: Day 5 – Crafty Corvid

Have you ever been called a “birdbrain”? Well, it may not be that derogatory anymore! Recent evidence has revealed that corvids (members of the crow family) are amongst the most intelligent species on Earth, beside humans and the Great Apes. The posses imagination that allows then to use and even create specific tools. They can solve complex problems of many stages. They are highly sociable and monogamous. Their brain-to-body-size ratio is only slightly smaller than that of a human! This jackdaw at Claremont Gardens was watching us feeding the squabbling geese, ducks and gulls by the lake before carefully choosing his moment to come down for a share of the bounty. Thanks, Amy, for setting me the 5 Day B&W Challenge!


Black And White Challenge: Day 4 – Phlox?


Black And White Challenge: Day 4 – Phlox?

It’s very often the robins of RHS Wisley Gardens that play tour guide by perching on the signs, but I was lucky to capture this lovely little dunnock, through the sunlit grasses, perched on Phlox. The light was simply divine!! Would you like to see it in colour too? I have one more day to go of the 5 Day Black & White Challenge that Amy, from The World Is A Book, set me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at the birds in a different light!


Black And White Challenge: Day 3 – Baby Steps

First Gosling Of The Year

Black And White Challenge: Day 3 – Baby Steps

First baby of the year! This is a two week old Egyptian Gosling that mum and I were amazed to discover so early at Claremont Gardens. Such a cute little bundle of fluff 🙂 Thanks again to Amy, from The World Is A Book, for setting me this challenge. Do any of you want to have a go? I decided to tackle birds in monochrome as they’re not a subject that I would normally think of processing in this way. Do you have a favourite subject matter that you’ve never processed in Black and White? I challenge all my readers to think on it and join in when you have the time.


Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Graceful With A Hint Of Orange


Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Graceful With A Hint Of Orange

I have always loved seeing the black swans at Claremont Gardens. I was sad to discover that the male is on his own now as his mate recently passed away. He certainly seemed forlorn on his own. I hope that the National Trust are able to find another mate for him! I knew swans would be a popular choice for the Travel Theme, Graceful. They really are grace personified! The beautiful black swan also has a deep orange bill that I thought would combine the challenges perfectly.

I have also created a tinted B&W for Day 2 of the Black and White Challenge that Amy set me.

Graceful - B&WYou’ll also see in the gallery that my mum has very orange (ginger) hair! I sometimes refer to her as the “goose whisperer” as she always has food for them and they follow her everywhere!