Little Devil?

Little Devil?

We spent a lovely day with Simon’s daughter, Charlotte, her partner Danny and young Callum.

Ever since my birthday I’ve been wondering what to do with the Taz (my nickname) baseball cap that my sister and brother-in-law gave to me. It just wouldn’t fit on my head!

It fits Callum rather well though, so I’m hoping Helen and Kevin will be happy that it’s being worn at last!

It also fits Callum rather well in respect to the fact that he is, indeed, a terrible two! Most of the time he’s actually an angel and, today, we had loads of fun playing with the Bjork Biophilia app on the iPad 🙂

Simon was a super dad and grandad today, slaving in a very hot kitchen over a roast dinner! All was fine until the food was served, then the Taz devil took over and Callum would not sit down at table for his dinner.

All parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles will know this form of tantrum well. It’s the one where every question asked is promptly returned with the word NO!

This word is said firmly and repeatedly until boredom (on the part of the adults) sets in. The terrible two is then “ignored” in the hope that hunger will overcome their resolve.

All remains quite peaceful until the arrival of pudding at which point the terrible two discovers that the adults have more resolve than him/her!

Small children are by far the greatest actors on earth! Callum gets an Oscar for today’s crocodile tears. Is it wrong of me that I find it so hard not to laugh at these tantrums?

Life is a steep learning curve whatever age you are. Callum’s a lovely little boy and I think he’ll cope well with his next learning-curve, the arrival of his baby brother in about a months time! He’s going to be a brilliant big brother 🙂