Blue Monday: Lapwing Dance

Lapwing Squadron

Blue Monday: Lapwing Dance

Blue skies, with a bit of moody cloud, provided the perfect backdrop to the spectacle of two male lapwings, dancing in a display of prowess for the prospective females watching below on the nesting grounds. My composite image shows all the moves these beautiful birds went through during their display and is my entry for today’s Wex Mondays challenge. The one thing missing from the image is the distinctive sound of the lapwing’s call, a loud peewit peewit, that carried clear across the wetlands of Pulborough Brooks RSPB Reserve in West Sussex. I grew up calling lapwings by their colloquial name, taken from their call, Peewits. One of my favourite birds ever and a real treat to watch on my birthday last week!



Ring Around The Moon

Ring Around The Moon

Ring Around The Moon

A moon halo or rainbow is caused by the refraction of light, reflected by the moon, upon ice crystals in the upper atmosphere. I rather enjoyed seeing this soft and slightly broken glow in the high cloud, passing across the face of the moon, on Thursday last week and thought it would make a good entry for the Wex Mondays challenge.


Blue Monday: Twilight Supermoon

Twilight Supermoon

Blue Monday: Twilight Supermoon

As the sun set yesterday, the supermoon rose over the ruins of Newark Priory. I had to wait for the moon to clear the low cloud and for a while I did worry if I’d actually get a photo at all!

I want to dedicate this one to my parents, who’s Wedding Anniversary is today! Much love to you both and I hope you enjoyed watching the supermoon rise over the hills in Devon last night 🙂

I just love the deep blue tones in a twilight sky! They often call it “the magic hour” and I certainly spent a magical hour watching the moon rise as the skies darkened last night.