Weekly Photo Challenge: Details Of The Scarce Swallowtail

The Scarce Swallowtail Butterfly

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details Of The Scarce Swallowtail

Jen has asked us to discover the intimate details of something unexpected, and share our images. On returning from snorkeling in Kos one day, I discovered this almost perfect example of a Scarce Swallowtail butterfly, that had sadly expired just outside our apartments. It’s not often that I get the chance to get my 30mm macro lens out to study a butterfly’s wing in such close detail! I believe it had just reached the end of it’s natural lifespan, having mated and laid its’ eggs on the citrus trees in the garden. I was very fortunate to find it before the ants did! Nature always recycles it’s own. I’ve saved the images at a slightly larger file size than I usually would so that you can see the extraordinary details of the scales on the wings. Click on the individual images for a closer look!

The hind-wing edge detailsClose up wing detailThe overlapping section of wingsClose up wing detailDetails of the patterning on the hind-wings


One Four Challenge: November Week 2

One Four Ways - November Week 2

One Four Challenge: November Week 2

For my second week of this challenge, from Robyn Gosby of Captivate Me, I’ve added some drama to my image. I imported a basic Lightroom edit into Nik Colour Efex Pro, then used Dark Contrast, Detail Extraction, Tonal and Pro Contrast with a warm Glamour Glow to really bring out the structural details of the seed-heads. I increased some warm features and smoothed the background in Lightroom before exporting my final copy. I really wanted to put the essence of Autumn into the image this week! Hope you like it 🙂

I’m adding a gallery to show all the versions of the image including the original.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Wildlife in The Garden: The Lookout

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

After my success at having an image chosen for the RHS Photographic Competition Calendar last year (2015 Calendar) with my photograph Round Robin, I am putting a selection of images forward, for this year’s competition, in the hope of being published again! My dream, of course, would be to have the cover image! This is a gallery of my favourites for the relevant categories, but I may not be able to include them all because of costs. I would really appreciate it if you, my lovely followers, could help me choose the favourites by “liking” them in the gallery or advising me in a comment! Thank you all 🙂


The Eye Of The Beholder

The Eye Of The Beholder

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


  • Observe a scene first before lifting your camera to your eye.
  • Ask yourself: What is the subject? What will you (not) include in the frame?
  • Look for natural lines or frames in the shot to guide the viewer’s eye.
  • Try different angles: Get low on the pavement. Look down from above.

Take a look at the World through my eyes and you’ll see beauty everywhere!