True Blues-Man

True Blues-Man

The launch of Mark Nelson’s new album “In From The Cold” was held tonight in picturesque Farnham, Mark’s home town.

Mark describes himself as “an acoustic blues balladeer”. His songs are beautiful, some hauntingly poetic and others with a wry sense of humour, but mostly they’re so infectious you just can’t stop your toes tapping!

Of course he’s much more than just a great blues-man, singer and songwriter – he does it all with just the one arm and hand (minus some fingers!)

I guess he would understand very well my theme of “taking one day at a time”. Disability leads you, as an individual, to find ways of making things work for you within your own limitations.

Actually sometimes I think Mark took the word “limitations” and just tore it out of the dictionary! Wherever I see and hear Mark play, people always say “what an inspiration”.

Yes he is! First and foremost though, he’s a fantastic musician 🙂

The album is available to buy on both iTunes and Amazon and you can see and hear more of Mark at: