Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas

Twelve Days 'Til Christmas

Daily Prompt: Mad As A Hatter

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RAGE.

On the seventh day of Christmas, whatever did I see?
Seven ducks-a-swimming,
Six troopers trooping,
Four friends at Wisley,
Three kids and Chitty,
Two pipers playing
A Santa with a rabbit on his knee!

When I left the house today the skies were blue, the sun was shining and all was crisp, bright and beautiful! As I was just approaching the lake at RHS Wisley Gardens, to get my “seven swimming ducks” photo, the skies clouded over, the heavens opened and I was the one nutter-in-a-wheelchair singing in the rain 😉

And, yes, I know the prompt says “show us rage” but the funny thing is, when you’re as Mad as a Hatter there’s not much that will actually get you that riled!


Pretty Pair

Pretty Pair

I went to RHS Wisley Gardens today primarily to photograph the orchids in the current Glasshouse exhibition. Photos will be on my Facebook page soon

The birds came out to play too today and I was thrilled to see the pretty little Mandarin Ducks had returned. Hope they stick around and raise a family on one the ponds!

The Egyptian Geese were hogging the ground beneath the bird-feeder, Crested Ducks diving on the Glasshouse Lake, lots of Mallards and many Moorhens too!

The robins were bold as brass, the magpies were full of mischief, the tits were skittish, chaffinch proud and perky, the wagtails were wary, blackbirds busy, dunnocks delightful and the woodpecker was king of the feeder!

There’s so much to see and wonderful birdsong to listen to at the gardens. Easter is a busy time there, perfect for a visit!