Blue Monday : Banquet For Blue Tits

Banquet For Blue Tits

Blue Monday : Banquet For Blue Tits

The bountiful berries of the Cornus kousa, a flowering dogwood, make a fine banquet for the diminutive blue tits in the Autumn. It’s a feast for the eyes to watch them! There are a number of kousa trees around the grounds at RHS Wisley Gardens, but the best fruiting and most visited ones are just at the bottom of the rose garden. While other birds have to forage below the trees for fallen fruit, the blue tit appears to be the only visitor light enough to feed directly from the fruit ripening on the tree. Occasionally even these lightweights accidentally pick a berry that can’t quite support them and they tumble down through the leaves. I’m yet to catch that amusing sight on camera! My lead image really captures how adept they are at feeding from the berries, so I’m entering it into today’s ShareMondays2018 and Fotospeed challenges. I’ll keep on trying to photograph one their epic fails!


Taste Of Autumn: Infinite Joy

Taste Of Autumn: Infinite Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Even on a chilly, rainy day, there are infinite joys to be found in the great outdoors, particularly when sharing a day out at RHS Wisley Gardens with good friends and their children!

Children are wonderful for reminding us just how extraordinary this world we live in truly is. The simple pleasures in life really are the most joyous.

On Wednesday the 16th, RHS Wisley starts its Taste Of Autumn Festival. For those who can get there, this is not to be missed whatever the weather!


The Fruit of my Labour

The Fruit of my Labour

Another study today in viewing something ordinary in a different way.

Lightboxes and still life accessories, like a light tent and a reflector, can bring out features in your subject that you’d never noticed before.

All of a sudden a simple supermarket shop becomes a treasure trove of colourful gems and micro sculptures.

Sometimes all you need do is shine a light on nature’s miniature marvels to find a new appreciation for them.

And if, like me, you choose a bit of fruit for your subject matter, you get to eat up any left over mess 😉

Good news too today, I saw my consultant and have got the stronger steroid drops I need to settle my eyes back down again! I hope to be back outdoors again soon 🙂