#FeelGoodPhotoOfTheDay – Knitting Needle

Knitting Needle

#FeelGoodPhotoOfTheDay – Knitting Needle

Knitting Needle

The healing garden
Fractured pieces of our lives
Knitting together


Pixel Does The Pruning

Pixel Does The Pruning

We decided that it was the perfect weekend to introduce Pixel to the big wide world.

Having a cat that likes to eat any plant that’s within his reach could prove extremely helpful but at the same time I’m waiting for him to chow down on something that really doesn’t agree with his tummy!

Today he decided that the narcissus leaves needed a bit of a tidy up now that the flowers have finished.

He’s absolutely right but I explained that we don’t trim them, we tie them in a knot and allow them to die back naturally.

He was a bit miffed at that, so he disappeared through a fox hole under the fence until dinner time!

Teenage tantrum?!


Bright and Bold

Bright and Bold

We have communal gardens here at our flats and one resident, in particular, does a huge amount of work to keep our gardens looking bright and beautiful.

Brian is an unsung hero. He selflessly gives of his time to help other residents with their own garden areas and always offers help to those in need.

His bright and colourful countenance is reflected in the wonderful blooms on show here. It’s no wonder we’re always winning Woking In Bloom!

Brian and his wife, Carole, are a true example of “the good neighbour”. I have huge respect for them and I’m so glad to live alongside such lovely people who have really inspired a sense of community here.

Brian is pictured here on Greenoak’s website (residential involvement section) with the Woking in Bloom trophy 🙂




Unlike the primrose that Coleridge once gazed upon, these bright, colourful hybrids are most certainly looking forward to Summer and have turned away from Winter’s gales.

To A Primrose by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The first seen in the season

Nitens et roboris expers
Turget et insolida est: et spe delectat.
– Ovid, Metam. [xv.203].

Thy smiles I note, sweet early Flower,
That peeping from thy rustic bower
The festive news to earth dost bring,
A fragrant messenger of Spring.

But, tender blossom, why so pale?
Dost hear stern Winter in the gale?
And didst thou tempt the ungentle sky
To catch one vernal glance and die?

Such the wan lustre Sickness wears
When Health’s first feeble beam appears;
So languid are the smiles that seek
To settle on the care-worn cheek,

When timorous Hope the head uprears,
Still drooping and still moist with tears,
If, through dispersing grief, be seen
Of Bliss the heavenly spark serene.

And sweeter far the early blow,
Fast following after storms of Woe,
Than (Comfort’s riper season come)
Are full-blown joys and Pleasure’s gaudy bloom.




I’ve been ever so tired today which is not really surprising! After the District Nurses came to re-dress my wound I managed a short walk around our gardens in the beautiful sunshine.

It’s still very cold here but the sun is most welcome and really lit up our spring flowers with a warm glow.

I’ve chosen this beautiful Spring Heather to share with you today. Winter/Spring Heathers are called Erica, from the latin word for heath or broom, and late Summer/Autumn Heathers are called Calluna from the Greek kallunein, “beautify, sweep clean”.

I write this as many hill farmers in Scotland are clearing their grazing lands by burning away the heather and long grasses.

Unfortunately, there have also been some serious wildfires breaking out in the west of Scotland after very cold but dry weather. Other parts of the country are still suffering from the unseasonable cold and snow.

Whilst I’m enjoying the beautiful heathers here in the South my heart goes out to everyone affected by the snows and wildfires in the North. Particularly our farmers!

For information on the fires visit the BBC at

For information about varieties of Heather for Spring or Autumn visit the RHS at


Page 1

Page 1

This one is for all Doctor Who fans out there!

Yes, I’m a geek and proud :-)! The new series started tonight and completely changed all my plans for today’s photo in just one line “It’s not a leaf, it’s page one”.

Clara’s parting words to The Doctor not only reminded me off the collection of leaves I’d pressed last Autumn but also of Rene Magritte.

I’d just like to add that the only thing added in Photoshop to this image is the text, as I wanted to find a font similar to that used by Magritte!

If you want to find out anything about the new series of Doctor Who visit

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