ShareMondays2020 – I Predict A Riot!

I Predict A Riot

ShareMondays2020 – I Predict A Riot!

So much fun watching the fledglings this week! We have large numbers of juvenile starlings now and they really are riotous. Their antics at the feeder have been a source of joy and amusement, not just for me and Simon, but also for many of my neighbours. When they all flock in together, there is hardly enough room on the feeding station for the fledglings, let alone their parents!

The stare!

Staring Starling!

Fledgling Blue Tit

Fledging Blue Tit

Do a little dance!

Shake Those Tail Feathers!

Singing for supper

Singing for Supper

When the starlings aren’t monopolising the feeding station, the beautiful fledgling blue tits are now visiting. They are so dinky but very vocal! The ragged looking adults are being constantly harassed by the cute little fluffies. Actually seeing a feed is a real joy! Sometimes the blue tit adults bring food from the trees down to fledglings perched on the feeder. They’re all still going through my suet and seed at the rate of knots, but it’s wonderful to feel like we are contributing to the welfare of these new lives!

Feeding a fledgling Blue Tit

Dinner Time!


Wordless Wednesday: Jubilation

Colours of Summer

Wordless Wednesday: Jubilation


Blue Monday: Softly Sought Memories


Blue Monday: Softly Sought Memories

Softly Sought Memories

Recall to me these
Softly sought memories
Of hazy spring meadows
Thick with flowers,
Alive with the buzz
Of bees, the gentle
Flutter of gossamer wings,
Bright pretty things
To delight the mind
Of an innocent child,
Of the forgetful youth,
Of the hasty adolescent,
Of this wishful woman.
Recall to me those
Lazy, gentle days,
That I may become
Lost in them.

The image is of the forget-me-nots in our front gardens, which inspired my poem on reminiscence. They always remind me of Spring as a child growing up in the countryside.

Part of Blue Monday, hosted by Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor, and Ailsa’s Travel Theme: Poetry

Smiling Sally


Sunset On Cedars

Sunset On Cedars

I had a lovely visit from my friend Helen today and we both went over to see my mum for a cream tea with home-made scones.

There was a beautiful sunset and from upstairs in my parents home there was a truly spectacular view of the colourful skies as the sun went down beyond Painshill Park.

Thank you Helen and Mum for a lovely day x


Bugging Me

Bugging Me

So I’m actually really tolerant of most invertebrates. There’s only one that I really hate and that’s the mosquito. Nothing could ever persuade me to photograph a mosquito!

There are, however, a few that just creep me out! Here are two of them, the Rose Sawfly larvae and the Flesh Fly.

We’ve got a dreadful infestation of Sawfly in our communal gardens and they’re wrecking my beautiful roses. They’ve been sprayed several times with no discernible effect. I’ve been out squishing larvae and adults everyday, but still they multiply! Help!

Flesh Fly

I can stand to look at the adult Flesh Fly, they’re really quite pretty, the larvae though, gross!




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I predict another glorious weekend in our communal gardens!