Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Graceful With A Hint Of Orange


Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Graceful With A Hint Of Orange

I have always loved seeing the black swans at Claremont Gardens. I was sad to discover that the male is on his own now as his mate recently passed away. He certainly seemed forlorn on his own. I hope that the National Trust are able to find another mate for him! I knew swans would be a popular choice for the Travel Theme, Graceful. They really are grace personified! The beautiful black swan also has a deep orange bill that I thought would combine the challenges perfectly.

I have also created a tinted B&W for Day 2 of the Black and White Challenge that Amy set me.

Graceful - B&WYou’ll also see in the gallery that my mum has very orange (ginger) hair! I sometimes refer to her as the “goose whisperer” as she always has food for them and they follow her everywhere!


Glacial Gaggle

Glacial Gaggle

I only had a short time in which to get out of the house today but I knew the best chance of spotting some wildlife in the Surrey snows would be near the canals in Pyrford and Ripley. What I wasn’t expecting was to see such a large gaggle (or gathering) or Canada Geese, ducks and a few Greylags not far from Pyrford Abbey. Lovely to watch despite the heavy snows soaking through my clothing 🙂

I made certain to put plenty of feed out for the garden birds too, to help them through the bitter weekend.

Winter in the UK is a great time for watching birds out at wetlands, in the garden or at a local RHS or National Trust Garden. There are many migratory species as well as native birds.

To learn more visit the RSPB at or follow the click-through link on the image to RSPB Love Nature on Facebook and sign up for The Big Garden Birdwatch 26th-27th January.