Unlocking The Landscape Part 6


Unlocking The Landscape Part 6

Golden Hour

One of my favourite times of day on the Basingstoke Canal is just as the sun starts to go down. It bathes the landscape in a warm golden light, crowning the trees with a rich amber glow. I had the great pleasure of watching this chatty, little Nuthatch enjoying the last warm rays of the day, vocally announcing his territory and hunting out tasty morsels from the eroded canal banks.

Nutty about Nuthatches!

Later on along my way home, I caught some precious glimpses of our pipistrelle bats zipping through the skies above me, picking off midges and gnats for supper. I was lucky that there was just enough light left to be able to capture a few images that I’m afraid are heavily cropped but it was a thrill to watch them.

And Batty about Bats!

Part of the 7 Day Nature Photography Challenge and WPC: Landscape


Unlocking The Landscape Part 2

Grey Wagtail looking for food

Unlocking The Landscape Part 2

The sapphire-jeweled kingfisher isn’t the only precious bird on the Basingstoke Canal! In the golden afternoon sunlight a gilt streak skims the water’s surface and lands on the lock gates, tail bobbing, head twisting, seeking out the insects along the shallows. The Grey Wagtail is a favourite bird of mine and I have been watching them along my local stretch of the canal for some years now. They’re very distinctive with a slate-grey back and bold yellow underside! They breed very successfully in this insect-rich environment and I hope to be watching them interacting with their fledglings again this year.

Part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape. If you missed Part 1 of my series exploring the many elements that make up the local landscape of the canal, you can view it here


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring 1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

The humble daffodil
Blooms with the
Commencement of Spring.
Their warm, auric hue
Is enough to thaw even
The most frosted soul
And imbue them with a
Sense of hope, of rebirth.
They reach for the sun,
They show us the way.
Golden be the days to come!


Golden Frog

Golden Frog

I went to see my friend Helen today and got to meet their unusual pets. Well, more of a glimpse actually. Yes, it’s real and really tiny!

Good thing this little frog is bright yellow or I would never have spotted it. This is the smaller, male Golden Poison Frog.

They also have Bumblebee Frogs, or Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frogs, which I absolutely LOVE but they didn’t love the camera and there was lots of condensation on the glass!