ShareMondays2020 – For The Fallen

For The Fallen

ShareMondays2020 – For The Fallen

Everyday we hear the statistics, the numbers. I don’t want to forget that every number is a person. An individual with life ahead of them. With loved ones. With hopes and dreams. This for them, the fallen. They should never just be a statistic.

As my roses started to wilt, I was reminded of a poem I wrote many years ago. I was newly diagnosed with the Crohn’s, and bit by bit, all my own hopes and dreams were stripped away from me. I survived though! I still have a life ahead of me and many loved ones. I have fought hard to live so they don’t have to grieve.

My sincere condolences to all the family and friends of those who have been taken by this dreadful virus.


A single rosebud,
Dew dropped
And heaven scented,
Plucked by its stem
As a gift presented.
A tainted token,
Its arteries broken,
Uprooted and taken.
To watch it now wilt,
All that’s felt is guilt
For natures treasures forsaken.


Blue Monday: Forget Her Not


Blue Monday: Forget Her Not


Your smile remembered
In the shining eyes of the
Boys you leave behind

Eyes full of wonder
At the beauty of the world
That you shared with them

Your legacy grows
Blossoming brightly in them
Nourished by your love

Each year more flowers
Will blossom in your honour
Stars of blue and gold

For my cousin David and the boys. How I wish I could just open a door, walk through to you all, and hug you! Half a world away but very much in our hearts xxx

Part of Blue Monday hosted by Jeanne at Backyard Neighbor
Smiling Sally




Summer sun bleeds
Brilliant light in streams
Caught in bright petals
Soft as skin brushed
By tears from a crushed
And lonely soul.

My summertime spirit
Fled as you died.
All warmth has bled
Away and left me
Gripped in Winter’s
Icy embrace.

Your sweet grace
Haunts my every move
You sat beneath
This golden bloom
Before it was even a bud,
Before the new shoots,
Back when it was cut.

It shines with the gilt
Hue of your precious eyes,
It’s beauty cries out hope
But I am hard of hearing.
I’m not ready for healing.


In Memoriam

In Memoriam

There’s a new star
In the sky tonight.
I’ve never found it so hard
To photograph, to write.
He is lost from this world now.
He burned so bright in life.
He shone.
Suddenly he is gone
And I am lost.

Daily Prompt: The Zone
Photographers, artists, poets: show us LOST.

It’s strange that today’s prompt should be LOST. It brought the tears welling up again. The last time I got my lighting out to photograph one of my Orchids, Pixel was trying to eat the plant nearly as fast as I could photograph. This is an empty house today yet filled with grief.