Blue Monday: A Vision In Blue

Blue Monday: A Vision In Blue

Blue Monday: A Vision In Blue

Over the last few weeks I’ve shared some photos of individual blue irises and I’ve loved all your comments which just go to show what a universally popular flower the iris is! Today’s photo is of a grouping of some of these beautiful blues planted up around the lake at RHS Wisley Gardens.

It was a dull and rainy day but coming around the edge of the lake to this vision in blue, set against the purple and greens, was just breathtaking 🙂 It instantly brightened the day for me so I hope it brightens yours too!


For My Eyes Only

For My Eyes Only

One of the reasons I called this blog “Taking One Day At A Time” is that that is often how I have to live my life. I hoped my photography could provide an insight into living with chronic illness. I work hard to overcome the worst aspects of my conditions by finding joy in life amongst all the wonderful things around me.

Sometimes, though, aspects of either my Crohn’s or Fibromyalgia catch up with me and cannot be ignored. Today an aspect of the Crohn’s, Surface Ocular Disease, has flared up keeping me housebound as well as in discomfort.

I can’t wave a magic wand to make it go away but by photographing my eyes I was then able to do in Photoshop what I wish for in real life. I magicked away the red, burning, tearing, irritated and inflamed sclera.

There is no magic cure for my ailments though. I really hope that my doctors can help me to get this flare up under control again. I won’t let it keep me from my photography or all the other things I love in life for too long!

I will have to balance my work with resting my eyes for a bit but I am very determined to keep up my blog.

If you want to know more about Crohn’s or colitis please visit Crohn’s & Colitis UK at

For information on Fibromyalgia please visit Arthritis UK

Also feel free to ask me anything about how these illnesses affect me