Blue Monday: Enchanted Pathway

Enchanted Pathway

Blue Monday: Enchanted Pathway

A magical sight waited for us in the woodland yesterday, where a group of us gathered to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. I followed the track dividing the woodland plots and discovered that the bluebells were taking over the rutted track, once used by man and machine, now given back to nature. I’ve added this sighting to The Woodland Trust‘s online survey of bluebell woods, helping to build a national picture of the locations of our native bluebells. Sightings of hybrid and Spanish Bluebells can also be added to the Big Bluebell Watch, to help with conservation management. This is also my entry for the Fotospeed challenge this week. I expect bluebells will be featuring heavily again this week on their twitter feed and I just hope that everyone can feel the magic in my capture.


Grow Your Own Way

My Favourite Tree

Grow Your Own Way

Here’s my entry for today’s Fotospeed Challenge. It was taken yesterday afternoon on a glorious Spring day at RHS Wisley Gardens. This is my favourite tree in the gardens and it’s at it’s best right now. Blossom bursting from those wonderfully twisted limbs, a carpet of grape hyacinth and the border of fiery dogwood starting to sprout. It makes me happy!