Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Capturing The Ephemeral Outdoors


Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Capturing The Ephemeral Outdoors (9 Galleries of Garden Birds)

I love watching the birds! Fleeting glimpses of my feathered friends is one of the ephemeral delights of being outdoors, exploring nature. Photographing our wild birds is always a challenge but it’s definitely one of my favourite activities. RHS Wisley Gardens is home to a diverse range of bird life and for this weeks’ challenges I have galleries of all the birds spotted in just one afternoon at the gardens. Some of the encounters were very brief indeed!

The most fleeting encounter was with Britain’s smallest bird, the goldcrest. Shy and very fast moving this little beauty was startled from his perch before I could get a good look at his face!

The nuthatches were equally hard to photograph as they were staying so high up in this old tree, feeding on insects in the bark.

The jay was showing off but still very wary of me!

The male blackbirds are all staking out territory and singing their hearts out to attract a mate. The females, themselves are busily feeding in the flower beds amongst the shrubs and trees.

I had the most wonderful encounter with this blue tit that was pecking into the base of the camellia flowers to get at the sugary nectar!

My friendly robins were the most accommodating of all the birds! At this time of year you will get the unusual sight of several robins feeding together, as they pair up for the mating season. One robin was particularly delightful to watch as he took a bath in one of the shallow pools, in the Wildwoods, before shaking himself dry again in the bushes!

I went hunting for thrushes on the lawns around the lake and also found the redwings and a delightful dunnock!

I always stop at the Glasshouse Cafe to have a cup of tea and feed the birds. I had some lovely close encounters with the great tits, dunnocks and the chaffinch. I did catch a glimpse of the woodpecker at the top of the tall trees but couldn’t get a clear shot of him. The ducks, crows and magpies were around too.

One of my favourite garden birds is the long-tailed tit and, boy, is it fast! I have always struggled to photograph the delightful little bird but managed to get a few images of them in the trees, gathering bits of web to build their nests. No if I can only find one of their nests……


Pixel Does The Pruning

Pixel Does The Pruning

We decided that it was the perfect weekend to introduce Pixel to the big wide world.

Having a cat that likes to eat any plant that’s within his reach could prove extremely helpful but at the same time I’m waiting for him to chow down on something that really doesn’t agree with his tummy!

Today he decided that the narcissus leaves needed a bit of a tidy up now that the flowers have finished.

He’s absolutely right but I explained that we don’t trim them, we tie them in a knot and allow them to die back naturally.

He was a bit miffed at that, so he disappeared through a fox hole under the fence until dinner time!

Teenage tantrum?!