Shortlisted Again!

Rainbow Over Wisley Farmland

Shortlisted Again!

Wow! Two months in a row!! So happy to have been shortlisted again and especially for this rainbow image. It’s dedicated to a wonderful family member who is fighting illness in the most positive way. Stormy weather is often followed by a rainbow, sometimes the person facing that storm is the pot of gold that we should all be searching for inside ourselves.

If you like my image and want to help me get to the top of the leader board, you can vote for it by following the link below, clicking onto the photo in the gallery and “liking” it. The vote closes at midday on Saturday 3rd December. There are some great images shortlisted again so I hope you will enjoy them all! Have a great weekend, all you rainbow people πŸ™‚


Shortlisted For October RHS PhotoComp

View Over The Rock Garden At Wisley Gardens

Shortlisted For October RHS PhotoComp

I really need everyone’s help to get my shortlisted image to the top of the leader board for October! The social media category has monthly winners that are chosen from the ten shortlisted images the RHS have put into a gallery on Facebook. It’s a public vote decided by the number of “likes” on the images. The vote closes at midnight (GMT) tonight! At the moment the pumpkin photo is ahead of mine and several others by more than 50 votes.

If you would like to help me then please follow this link and LIKE the fourth photo


Happy Birthday RHS!

Happy Birthday RHS!

The Royal Horticultural Society is 210 years old today! The RHS has had such an impact on my life, not only in developing my love and knowledge of flora but in providing wonderful habitats for our native wildlife that I treasure so much.

As a child, my parents instilled in me a lasting love for nature. We were fortunate to live in the beautiful Surrey countryside, with a garden full of wildlife and space for us children to have our own little garden patches, where we could grow our own vegetables and flowers.

Our visits to nearby RHS Wisley Gardens were always treasured! Over the years I’ve spent many precious days with friends and family in these glorious gardens.

And now I get to share my passions with future generations on our trips to Wisley! It brings me such hope and joy.

I look forward to many more years of enjoying the wonderful work of the RHS! Happy Birthday and thank you for the memories πŸ™‚




I’ve been ever so tired today which is not really surprising! After the District Nurses came to re-dress my wound I managed a short walk around our gardens in the beautiful sunshine.

It’s still very cold here but the sun is most welcome and really lit up our spring flowers with a warm glow.

I’ve chosen this beautiful Spring Heather to share with you today. Winter/Spring Heathers are called Erica, from the latin word for heath or broom, and late Summer/Autumn Heathers are called Calluna from the Greek kallunein, “beautify, sweep clean”.

I write this as many hill farmers in Scotland are clearing their grazing lands by burning away the heather and long grasses.

Unfortunately, there have also been some serious wildfires breaking out in the west of Scotland after very cold but dry weather. Other parts of the country are still suffering from the unseasonable cold and snow.

Whilst I’m enjoying the beautiful heathers here in the South my heart goes out to everyone affected by the snows and wildfires in the North. Particularly our farmers!

For information on the fires visit the BBC at

For information about varieties of Heather for Spring or Autumn visit the RHS at


Wisley Rock Gardens in the Snow

Wisley Rock Gardens in the Snow

Beautiful day with blue skies and snow still blanketing much of the ground. RHS Wisley Gardens truly shone today!

Going to the Gardens on a snow day always guarantees me a wide range of subjects so I tweeted earlier to ask followers what they’d like to see as the Photo Of The Day. A snowscape was the resounding winner so here it is πŸ™‚

The wonderful rock gardens are a favourite for many people that I know, so this is dedicated to you all.

I’ll share the rest of my snow day photos as soon as I can on Facebook!

Click on the image and it’ll take you to Wisley What’s On πŸ™‚


Scarlet Splash on Snow

Scarlet Splash on Snow

A bit of photography in our communal gardens today whilst putting more food out for the birds. This is Iris foetidissima commonly known as Stinking Iris or Gladwyn, which I think is a far prettier name.

The scarlet berries are visible all through Autumn and Winter and provide a wonderful splash of colour against the current snowy landscape.

A very hardy little plant so if you fancy putting in your own garden visit RHS for planting tips

Just about to upload an album to my Facebook page of the first week of the Butterflies in The Glasshouse event at RHS Wisley so click on the photo to pay me a visit there πŸ™‚


Malay Lacewing Triptych

Malay Lacewing Triptych

I’ve been going to RHS Wisley’s Butterflies in The Glasshouse event since it’s inauguration in 2009 but today was the FIRST time I’ve spotted this beautiful little butterfly called the Malay Lacewing! I got EXTREMELY excited πŸ˜‰

I wanted to put this triptych together to show you it’s delicate beauty from all sides and was very grateful to my subject for opening it’s wings for me πŸ™‚

Today was also a lovely opportunity to spend a full-on photography day with my new brother-in-law, Kevin, who’s own photography, and that of my sister Helen, you can find on Facebook at

It didn’t take very long for other visitors and photographers to figure out that following us was akin to getting their own guided tour, which was quite fun really.

So if you’ve not visited yet here’s a link to the details:

More butterfly and other photography from myself can be found on Facebook by clicking on the photo. Enjoy πŸ™‚