ShareMondays 2018: Sheltered


ShareMondays 2018: Sheltered

I couldn’t resist a few snow-themed photos from yesterday for my posts this week! I just loved this robin, perched under the boughs of one the conifers on the lawn at RHS Wisley Gardens, sheltering from the chill wind. I thought he’d be a nice piece for today’s ShareMondays post.

I also want to say sorry to many of my followers who’ve been leaving me lots of lovely comments and not receiving replies! I usually do most of my social media chat and notifications on my phone but it’s playing up at the moment. I need to upgrade it but have been patiently waiting for the latest Sony Xperia to be released! Until then (fingers crossed in the next week or so) I am still putting up with a phone that crashes when the battery drops to around seventy percent. Normal service, and responses, should resume shortly. I hope you’ll continue to be patient with me!

The Riverside WalkWintry ReflectionsSpring and Winter collide at Wisley


Fieldfare In A Flap

Fieldfare In A Flap

Fieldfare In A Flap

When Storm Emma hit the South on Friday afternoon, fieldfare flocked to the front of RHS Wisley Gardens, to shelter by the shop and feast on fruit remaining on the trees in the carpark. There was such a frenzy of bird activity! My lead image is my favourite from the afternoon so I thought I’d put it into the mix for today’s Wex Mondays challenge. I expect most of the images being entered today will have a snowy theme to them. I look forward to checking them all out on Twitter later on!


A Bird in the Hand

A Bird in the Hand

Today I took my friend, Sam, and her daughter, Mylie along to Wisley Gardens to see the Butterflies in The Glasshouse but my Photo of the Day is Sam’s highlight of the day, a robin feeding from her hand πŸ™‚


Mylie was captivated too but didn’t want to get too close to the mealworm and seed mix I’d brought along to give to the birds!

The snow is thawing now but the birds still need some extra food and fresh water to get them through to Spring. Which brings me nicely along to my links for the day!

This weekend is The Big Garden Birdwatch with the RSPB. In conjunction with this, RHS Wisley are hosting an event there with guided walks and experts from the RSPB on hand to help. Visit both sites to register (RSPB) and for times of the walks (RHS). You can, of course, take part in your own garden or a local park!


RHS Wisley –


Wisley Rock Gardens in the Snow

Wisley Rock Gardens in the Snow

Beautiful day with blue skies and snow still blanketing much of the ground. RHS Wisley Gardens truly shone today!

Going to the Gardens on a snow day always guarantees me a wide range of subjects so I tweeted earlier to ask followers what they’d like to see as the Photo Of The Day. A snowscape was the resounding winner so here it is πŸ™‚

The wonderful rock gardens are a favourite for many people that I know, so this is dedicated to you all.

I’ll share the rest of my snow day photos as soon as I can on Facebook!

Click on the image and it’ll take you to Wisley What’s On πŸ™‚


Scarlet Splash on Snow

Scarlet Splash on Snow

A bit of photography in our communal gardens today whilst putting more food out for the birds. This is Iris foetidissima commonly known as Stinking Iris or Gladwyn, which I think is a far prettier name.

The scarlet berries are visible all through Autumn and Winter and provide a wonderful splash of colour against the current snowy landscape.

A very hardy little plant so if you fancy putting in your own garden visit RHS for planting tips

Just about to upload an album to my Facebook page of the first week of the Butterflies in The Glasshouse event at RHS Wisley so click on the photo to pay me a visit there πŸ™‚


Round Robin

Round Robin

There’s something very heart-warming about going out to feed the birds in the winter πŸ™‚ As well as keeping our own garden birds fed and watered Simon and I popped down to Wisley on the way do our shopping so I could feed and photograph the robins who have their territory by the main entrance.

This wonderful little character was perched in one of the bushes watching me intently as I piled meal worm and other grains on a few tables where the snow had cleared.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a robin quite this puffed up before which gives you an idea of how chilly it is out there at the moment.

Is everyone ready for The Big Garden Birdwatch for the RSPB next weekend? You can register here

Photo links to my Facebook page πŸ™‚


Glacial Gaggle

Glacial Gaggle

I only had a short time in which to get out of the house today but I knew the best chance of spotting some wildlife in the Surrey snows would be near the canals in Pyrford and Ripley. What I wasn’t expecting was to see such a large gaggle (or gathering) or Canada Geese, ducks and a few Greylags not far from Pyrford Abbey. Lovely to watch despite the heavy snows soaking through my clothing πŸ™‚

I made certain to put plenty of feed out for the garden birds too, to help them through the bitter weekend.

Winter in the UK is a great time for watching birds out at wetlands, in the garden or at a local RHS or National Trust Garden. There are many migratory species as well as native birds.

To learn more visit the RSPB at or follow the click-through link on the image to RSPB Love Nature on Facebook and sign up for The Big Garden Birdwatch 26th-27th January.