Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

Weekly Photo Challenge: Now

We’re now in Shropshire visiting my in-laws for a couple of days. The wildlife gave us a delightful welcome before the sun went down! Coming over the Long Mynd in winter is an unusual treat, it’s been unseasonably mild in the UK. These two wild ponies were in such a great spot to capture the view to the East.


There were about nine long-tailed tits flocking around the bird feeder just as we arrived at the cottage. I had to be quick with the camera, they don’t hang around for long! I haven’t brought my laptop with me so these are a quick process on the phone. I hope they’ll come back to the feeder before we leave! Perhaps not tomorrow as the rain is returning.


The winds are really whipping up now, a portent of the next storm coming across our little island from the Atlantic. My heart goes out to all those affected by the storms across the UK and USA as well as the fires in Australia.