Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Fresh Spring Flowers

Early Spring at RHS Wisley Gardens

Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenges: Fresh Spring Flowers

I spent a lovely afternoon at RHS Wisley Gardens on Wednesday to capture these fresh, early Spring flowers. The two challenges this week were perfect to link together for this! I also spotted lots of wonderful birds which I will share with you all soon. For now though, I have also made a short video on my Sony phone whilst wheeling around the gardens! Watch out for my friendly robins in the Wildwoods 🙂

This stunning crocus display was all planted last October during the Half Term Holidays. Mylie and Zach were two of the many who helped to create this wonderful spectacle.

Camellia, Hellebore, Magnolia and Azalea are big colourful blooms in the woodland!

Blossoms are everywhere, bringing out the first bumblebees of year.

There’s so much glorious ground-cover around the gardens!

Life is bringing colour back to the bare wooded areas. The birds are loving it!

And don’t forget the daffodils!


Travel Theme and Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle With Freedom

Travel Theme and Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle With Freedom

I love the freedom of creating abstract photography with lights and glass. It takes me back to my years of painting with oils and developing my photography in a darkroom. Starting out with a simple subject and taking a creative journey, testing, experimenting, without any agenda, just unconscious thought and the joy of the imaginative process.It often makes me feel like a small child on Christmas morning, clutching a full stocking in my trembling hands and trying to guess what’s inside from the feel and sound of its contents!

During such a busy time of year I’ve also been having fun with the freedom to artistically explore my photography with the apps on my phone! I can sit comfortably at my favourite coffee shop with a mocha and a cake and enjoy the simple pleasures of creating something that I hope might surprise and delight. I hope to spread some twinkling, festive cheer with a little gallery of stars based on our tree-topper. I used a combination of Google+ Photos, Aviary, Adobe PS Touch and the brilliantly bonkers Superphoto (all for Android). Have a wonderful silly-season everyone, enjoy the simple pleasures and have fun in all you do 🙂


NaBloPoMo – Sunday Special


NaBloPoMo – Sunday Special

It’s the last day of the November post-a-day challenge and as we’re nearing Christmas I decided to finish with some seasonal creations!

As with all my posts for NaBloPoMo 2014, these photos were all taken and processed on my phone. The lead image was created from three separate photos, cropped with the Scribble Tool, Graduated Fades then layered, blended and merged in Adobe PS Touch. The photos in the gallery were all created with the Google Photo App.

It’s been a lot of fun exploring different ways of creating digital art using only the camera and apps available for my phone! A few years ago I would never have believed any of this possible. In art, it always pays to experiment and explore with new mediums!

I’ll round out the month with a gallery of my favourite phoneography creations. Thank you, everyone, for all your comments and feedback!


NaBloPoMo – From The Gardens At St Thomas’

Palace of Westminster

NaBloPoMo – From The Gardens At St Thomas’

There are some pretty, little gardens next to St Thomas’ Hospital in London that really do have the most fabulous views! I captured a few of them, on my Sony Xperia Z1 phone, while I was there yesterday.

The gardens are very sheltered, but I was surprised to find a few flowers still providing spots of colour in the borders.

Next to the main entrance is an intriguing sculpture called “Cross The Divide” by Rick Kirby, which is said to represent a helping hand and the relationship between the patient and doctor.

The very best view from the gardens is of the Palace of Westminster which is equally beautiful during the day or night!


NaBloPoMo and Travel Theme: Colourful Abstracts

This gallery contains 2 photos.

NaBloPoMo and Travel Theme: Colourful Abstracts I created these abstracts using filters and layers in the Adobe PS Touch app on my Sony Xperia Z 1 phone. I’m really having such fun working artistically with only my phone this month! … Continue reading




There’s something endlessly fascinating about a peacock feather!

I’m having a more restful day today so I thought I’d test out the new phone’s camera capabilities.

I already knew that it took great daylight images but could it be used for more detailed and macro work?

The editing software within the phone allows you to process the image in a number of different ways to achieve your desired effect, whilst still retaining the original photograph.

I have to say, I’m really quite impressed. Well done Sony!