ShareMondays2019 – Tunnel Vision

Lost In Translation

ShareMondays2019 – Tunnel Vision

I often shy away from portraiture in street photography. As much as I have always loved portraits as a subject, I feel uncomfortable trying to capture candid images of people in public. Daft really, as it’s not so different from the music events I cover! There’s something about the Leake Street Tunnel and Arches that makes me feel more at home though.

So Much To See

Immersive Art

Perhaps it’s because almost everyone there is consumed by the art in one way or another. Urban artists, apprentices, viewers, photographers, party-goers and skaters. It’s a hub of activity, vibrant and constantly evolving. I rarely see the same pieces of wall art twice on my visits!

Tunnel Vision

Pink Panther

On this particular visit I wanted to try to explore the relationship between the people and the art. My lead image is an in-camera double exposure of a man who seemed to be just hanging out in the space. There was something about the lines of his face and his posture that really drew me to him as a subject. He was like a ghost passing through the space, not fully engaging, not quite there.



I tried to speak to him after having taken a few images, just to be polite and ask how he felt about me sharing his portrait online. Well, something really got lost in translation. He seemed to think that I was asking him to pose nude for me, right there in the tunnel!!!! AWKWARD! I hastily retreated and went to speak to one of the artists. That led to a much more insightful conversation. He was training an apprentice and they’d spent 7 hours working on their pieces that day.

The Artist In His Work


ShareMondays2019 – The Witness

The Witness

ShareMondays2019 – The Witness

I’ve witnessed some incredible artwork in London’s Leake Street Arches over the last couple of weeks! A couple of weeks ago I joined a photowalk with Skylum Software and PhotoHound that took in the Arches, The London Eye, Southbank Skate Park and the view to St Paul’s from the Millennium Bridge. Utterly thrilled to have had one of my Leake Street images chosen as one of three winners for the challenge!

Look Up

Last Friday I went up to the SheClicksNet exhibition at the After Nyne Gallery and got chatting with a number of other relatively local female photographers. What a great event it was and many congratulations to all the photographers who had their work exhibited! Feeling inspired, fellow SheClicker, Liz and headed back to Leake Street along with my lovely hubby.

The urban art is constantly evolving on the walls and I soon spotted a striking composition of a wide-eyed face, with clasping hands. It really struck me! What had this person seen through slatted fingers? It spoke to me of fear, horror, the inability to look away from something devastating. I would love to know what the original artist’s concept was! My own take on it is an in-camera double exposure, zooming out for the inverted, second exposure. The eye is just so haunting! I wanted my image to feel like fear that was spiralling out of control.

So, a huge thank you to the artists of Leake Street for this incredible, public art gallery and for providing so much inspiration with your thought-provoking pieces.


Bouncing Buskers

Bouncing Buskers

Bouncing Buskers

This photo of friends and musicians, Claudia Stark and Lisa Von H, totally encapsulates the atmosphere at The Phoenix Cultural Centre‘s Big Busk in Woking Town centre on Saturday. We had all come together to celebrate music, community and culture in Woking. It was hoped that we would also be celebrating the signing of the lease on Quake nightclub, to be renamed Fiery Bird, as the next phase in the Phoenix project. Sadly the lease deadline passed, once again, without any further word on the completion! Get Surrey posted that “the council said it is looking into the matter”. Neither this latest let-down or the freezing cold could stop us partying though! I’m so proud to be part of this project and to have been part of this brilliant, fun event too.


Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenge: Split Second in The City

Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenge: Split Second in The City

Weekly Photo and Travel Theme Challenge: Split Second in The City

Another week where the two photo challenges collide! I really enjoy tying these two themes together when it’s possible 🙂 Ailsa provided a number of great images to illustrate this week’s Travel Theme, Cities, including one from London’s Southbank. She says “London is a teenager, an urchin, and, in this, hasn’t changed since the time of Dickens”. These words and her photo were my main inspiration for this post.

My featured image is of just such a teenager, a 21st Century street-skate urchin, practising new moves in the Southbank’s Undercroft. Skaters of all ages and abilities have been using the area for around forty years. The vibrant street art is all a part of this community base. Love it or hate it, this is London, a city that’s not afraid to express itself!

The Weekly Photo Challenge, Split Second Story, was set by Shane Francescut, a Canadian Street and Portrait photographer. I’ve followed Shane ever since the lovely Leanne Cole featured his work in one of her Introductions posts in early April. He’s got a great eye! Every photo has a tale to tell and his composition plays a big part in that story-telling.

Shane said “I want you to become a documentary photographer and attempt to capture a candid moment of a person, place, or thing”. I don’t do much street/candid photography and I could have easily fallen back on my favourite subjects within nature, for any number of split second moments, but I really wanted to try to find my inner journalist and rise to Shane’s challenge!


The Southbank Skatepark gets a lot of attention from tourists! The colour, noise, tricks and art draw in the passers-by. Most photographers were trying to capture images of the best skaters performing tricks but I was drawn to this lad who was keeping to the back of the park, quietly watching his peers and emulating their styles. These skaters put themselves firmly in the public eye and they don’t shy away from scrutiny. I admire their attitude 🙂

This space on the Southbank is so recognised by other Londoners that it’s become just another part of the City’s scenery. You can spot a local easily by their complete indifference to the spectacle!

Background Noise


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

I spent a lovely, sunny afternoon sitting in Trafalgar Square this week! I’d met my brother at Oxford Circus, for lunch near his offices, and had a few hours spare before Simon and I went to an intriguing meeting at the British Computer Society’s London offices.

The square itself is a monument to the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. Nelson’s Column stands in the centre of the square looking south toward The Palace of Westminster and Big Ben. To the north is one of my favourite buildings in London, The National Gallery.

The stairs to the Upper Terrace and the Gallery are flanked by two of the squares famous plinths. To the left, in the northeast, on The Fourth Plinth, stands Hahn/Cock by Katharina Fritsch and to the right is King George IV on the northeast plinth.

The National Gallery

For all of you who have a love of art, no visit to the city of London is complete without visiting both the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. This is a very relaxed part of the city, with great access to other areas either by foot or by Tube from Charring Cross. It’s a great place to start your day-out from!


Weekly Photo Challenge AND Travel Theme: Street Life & Statues

Weekly Photo Challenge AND Travel Theme: Street Life & Statues

Weekly Photo Challenge AND Travel Theme: Street Life & Statues

Some of the best street life and statues of London can be found in Camden Lock and The Stables Market. Camden is loud and proud so to reflect its image I’ve given my selection of photos an edgy HDR effect. Enjoy 🙂


Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas: On The Second Day

Twelve Days 'Til Christmas: On The Second Day

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

On the second day of Christmas, whatever did I see?
Two pipers playing
And a Santa with a rabbit on his knee!

A spot of Christmas shopping in our local town, Woking, was accompanied by a soundtrack common to many town and city centres across the UK, the South American panpipes!


Music Matters

Music Matters

Music is the universal language. Today we all spoke as one in Woking at Our Big Gig!

Our Big Gig will see over 200,000 people attend 330 free gigs & events in 4 days. It’s a nationwide music celebration which takes place across the UK from the 11th to the 14th July 2013.

This annual event aims to bring communities together to celebrate their local musical talents and get more people involved in music making.

All Our Big Gig events were organised by local volunteers, in our case from The Phoenix Cultural Centre, in their communities. The events were at least 4 hours long, free for people to attend and were opportunities for people to take part in a range of musical activities.

Our Woking Big Gig featured music from Phoenix Chroi, Claudia Arnold, Cardboard Carousel, The Toniks and The Surrey Ukeaholics and the people of Woking in a fun buskalong 🙂

See all the photos from today here on my Facebook Page.