Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

There have been some great entries to the challenge this week! I decided that I would look at the word eerie in regard to something uncanny or mysterious, rather than spooky or scary, which I felt had already been explored during Halloween.

The sun sets early now as Winter approaches and the leaves that remain on my favourite Maple are left glowing in the lamp light of late afternoon.


They almost become disembodied entities, mysteriously floating above the pavement, their warm colours a fading memento of sunnier seasons.



Tuesday Toadstools

Tuesday Toadstools

These fungi were all found in the woodland alongside the Basingstoke Canal today.


Taste Of Autumn: Sweet Treat

Taste Of Autumn: Sweet Treat

Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DINNER.

The Sweet Chestnut is a traditional part of the Christmas Dinner here in the UK. Cooked with Brussels Sprouts, as part of a vegetarian pâté or nut-roast, in soup or within a seasonal stuffing to accompany your choice of roast bird!


All through the Autumn and Winter, roasted chestnuts are sold from carts on the streets, in parks and at fairs. I’ve never eaten any from a street vendor but the smell always makes me feel seasonal and warm!


Taste Of Autumn: Red

Taste Of Autumn: Red

The wonderful Maple tree in the village is going out of Autumn in a real blaze of glory this year!

Red is such a great statement colour. It has that feel good factor to it. It evinces positivity, strength, warmth, vitality and passion. These are the feelings I get from red.

How about you? What colours make you feel good and why?


Taste Of Autumn: Abundance

Taste Of Autumn: Abundance

Everything appears to be in abundance this Autumn. Acorns, fungi, late roses, beech nuts, berries and fabulous foliage all in our back garden!


Taste Of Autumn: Substance

Taste Of Autumn: Substance

Wordless Wednesday: The Substance of Autumn


Taste Of Autumn: Infinite Joy

Taste Of Autumn: Infinite Joy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Even on a chilly, rainy day, there are infinite joys to be found in the great outdoors, particularly when sharing a day out at RHS Wisley Gardens with good friends and their children!

Children are wonderful for reminding us just how extraordinary this world we live in truly is. The simple pleasures in life really are the most joyous.

On Wednesday the 16th, RHS Wisley starts its Taste Of Autumn Festival. For those who can get there, this is not to be missed whatever the weather!