There’s Light At The End Of The Universe


There’s Light At The End Of The Universe

Please excuse my play on words here! For anyone still in the dark, this flower is called Cosmos. I caught sight of it lifted by the breeze into this natural frame, glowing in the sunlight, a brief moment in time captured for posterity on camera. I live for these beautiful moments, these simple pleasures. How often have you heard the old saying “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”? For me, far too often and usually when the tunnel I’m in has no map and branches into an infinite number of other tunnels! Well, most tunnels have vents. They let in the air and the light. That’s what this flower and the title represent to me, a pause in the daily struggles of life, enabling me to breathe fresh air and soak in the sun. For that limited span, I can be as carefree as the flower, just drifting in the breeze. Time stretches when I’m caught in such moments. I don’t even have to think anymore! Quite a relief really. I often think far too much about far too many things. So I think I will share my moment in time with everyone for the Wex Mondays challenge. It seems most fitting! Good Luck everyone and thank goodness for nature, art and the starlight that made us all!