Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

Tigers Of Memory

Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

I’ve put a lot of time and care into processing my image for this week’s challenge. The original photo was taken several years ago at London Zoo. I’ve only ever seen tigers in zoos. I doubt that I will ever get to see a tiger in the wild! As individuals, groups, nations and citizens of Earth we need to take more care of our environment and our precious wildlife. There are more tigers in captivity, including as peoples pets, than exist in the wild. Tigers are still being hunted and poached for the rich elite, who hold onto arcane beliefs of medicinal benefits from parts of this beautiful animal. In the next century it is entirely possible that all that remains of the tiger will be images in books and online; perhaps a few stuffed exhibits in museums.

We must do all that we can to protect the world’s most endangered species but we also need to look to our own local wildlife and their diminishing habitats. In the UK the RSPB are running a campaign to Give Nature A Home. There are twenty different and simple things that you can do in your garden or neighbourhood to give our wildlife a helping hand. With Winter approaching this is especially important! All over the World there are National and Regional charities and organisations that you can contact to find out how to help your local wildlife. If you don’t have a garden you can get involved with volunteer projects in the countryside or you can donate money to help these organisations achieve their goals.

My image is called Tigers of Memory, named after a truly beautiful song by Celia Barrett. Please do follow the link and listen to the song, it’s very poignant! Time is running out for much of our wildlife, not just the tigers. Please try to do something to help protect them and ensure that they don’t fade from the World of Life, to exist only in our memories.


Monochrome Madness: Tiger

Monochrome Madness: Tiger

Monochrome Madness: Tiger

There’s another wonderful collection of images over on Leanne Cole‘s blog this week for Monochrome Madness. She and Laura Macky have really started something here! I have to say that Leanne just astounds me, her own work is just sublime and her commitment to blogging has really inspired me!

Every week she brings up new points for discussion, introduces us to fellow bloggers, hosts the Monochrome challenge, interacts with everyone AND creates her own work! Hats off to you Leanne 🙂

I’ve had some lovely comments within Leanne’s post that I wanted to share and discuss:

RoSy said “Beyond beautiful!” –  What a wonderful thing to say! Comments like this mean the world to any artist.

Alex – buddhableu2000 – said “An excellent capture. Very well presented.” – Composition is really important to me! It’s good to hear when I get it right 🙂

Anica Art Photography said “Stunning portrait!” –  I very often categorise photos of animals as Portraiture and have been asked why on many occasions! I treat a photograph like this in exactly the same way I would when creating a portrait of a person. A portrait is very much about capturing the essence of your subject. I like to create expressive portraits 🙂

hutchphotography2020 said “An animal created for monochrome. Beautiful.” –  I couldn’t agree more! I’ve created many monochrome images of tigers over the years. In fact, cats both big and small are great monochrome subjects! I had a really interesting discussion with Laura about B&W photography. Not EVERYTHING looks good in B&W or monochrome. I wouldn’t photograph our garden birds in B&W but some birds-of-prey and sea-birds work really well in monochrome. Creating a good B&W image uses a very different skill-set to colour photography. I started out in photography using B&W Ilford film and my trusty old Praktica SLR. When I looked through the lens I almost saw the world in B&W. Processing is key! I always spent more time in the darkroom than I did on shoots and these days it’s more time with Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik. Learning to take good colour photos when I got my first DSLR was a real challenge! I’m always striving to learn more and challenge myself with my work.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art – My Paintings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art - My Paintings

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art – My Paintings

Twenty years ago I was studying Fine Art at college. My work included painting, drawing and photography. My favourite medium was always oil paint! It’s such a pliable medium and pleasure to work the paint, before and after it’s applied to the canvas or board. I really miss it!

I focus on my photography now because my disabilities have stopped me from working with paint or pencil. It’s just too painful and I can’t control the mediums any more! Painting with light has always been a joy though and so I continue to create works of art through the medium of photography 🙂

I thought I’d take the opportunity to show you a few of my old paintings and drawings (apologies for the quality of some of the older photos)