Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas: On The Second Day

Twelve Days 'Til Christmas: On The Second Day

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

On the second day of Christmas, whatever did I see?
Two pipers playing
And a Santa with a rabbit on his knee!

A spot of Christmas shopping in our local town, Woking, was accompanied by a soundtrack common to many town and city centres across the UK, the South American panpipes!


The Art Of Decoration

The Art Of Decoration

I usually love going into town to see the Christmas decorations and lights. This year I felt a bit let down! The mall decorations just seemed a bit cheap and tacky and there was hardly anything around the streets.

Some of the shops have been a bit more inventive. My favourite was this lovely display in Accessorize (featured image).

I decided to use my imagination a bit on the main mall display to create something a bit more pleasing to my own eye.