101 Reasons To Visit Kos Island

Kastri Island viewed from the ruins of Agios Stefanos

101 Reasons To Visit Kos Island

Pictures speak louder than words, so I have 101 photographs that I believe will speak directly to your hearts on the beauty and appeal of this fascinating Greek island.

My piece of advice to you all this week, as part of the WordPress Discover Challenge, is to believe what your eyes see through my images of Kos and not what the world’s media would have you believe! Visit Kos and other Greek Islands, they are affordable, welcoming, enthralling and perfectly safe. You won’t regret it!

All these photographs were taken between June 21st and July 5th 2016. Most were shot on the Sony a6000 mirrorless camera, NFC transferred to my Sony Xperia Z5 smartphone and edited in Snapseed and Adobe PS Touch Apps.

Part of WPC: Look Up for the wonderful birds of Greece!


NaBloPoMo – Meeting Place


This is the clock face that is suspended at the centre of Waterloo Station in London. Meeting up under the clock is a traditional way to start a day or night out in the city. Even though the station has gone through many developments and modernisation, with digital displays giving accurate times to all travellers, this magnificent timepiece remains.


I couldn’t leave Kefalos without sharing an image of the beautiful Xristós Church which is just at the end of the road where we’ve been staying.


Last year work had just started to shore up the foundations and repair the building.

It looks absolutely wonderful now! More work will be done on the inside of the church this winter so I hope to see that next year.

It really has been a wonderful trip. I do love this island and we’ll keep coming back! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the photos I’ve shared over the past two weeks.

I must give a special mention to Studios Kefalos, Gosia Restaurant and Sebastian’s on the beach front. Lovely people who have been very welcoming and helpful!


Lang’s Short-tailed Blue Butterfly

Lang's Short-tailed Blue Butterfly

Today has been a very blustery day indeed! All snorkeling and swimming was ruled out so we went to visit some windmills and a traditionally styled house in Antimachia.

Before going inside the house I was photographing some of the plants and spotted this beautiful Lang’s Short-tailed Blue Butterfly (Leptotes pirithous) on one of the Zinnia flowers.

It then clung onto a Celosia Cockscomb flower, sheltering from the strong winds, giving me a wonderful opportunity to capture its detailed underside.


Picturesque Pyli


This is picturesque Pyli with its traditional town square, iconography on the church, Old Pyli Caste, art galleries, cats and flowers, views to die for, it really is just perfect!