Blue Monday: Hang On A Minute!


Blue Monday: Hang On A Minute!

Nuthatches are wonderful birds to watch! It’s not often I can get close enough to show you the detail of their feathers and the beautiful slate-grey and blue colouring. I spotted this one clinging to the trunk of one of the trees near the birdhide at RHS Wisley Gardens. First came the panicked retrieval of my long lens and actually fitting it to the camera body. Then I had to try to creep down the stairs to get closer. Stairs and I don’t get on well at the best of times!! The whole time I was whispering, “Just hang on a minute!” and he did. He actually clung to the trunk for quite a while, watching the other birds coming and going from the feeders. Look closely at the image and you can see the really long toes and claws of this expert climber! I love the texture of the bark on this trunk. It’s a feature that helps the nuthatch make really good use of this tree for climbing and feeding on insects within the crevices of the bark. Among all my wonderful wildlife finds last week, this image really stands out for me so I’m putting it into the Wex Mondays challenge this week. Good luck to all those entering!


Giving It The Green Light

Light Through Leaves

Giving It The Green Light

Such beautiful light through the leaf canopy at Winkworth Arboretum yesterday morning! Sharing the joy of this simple pleasure for this week’s Fotospeed challenge. Hope you all have a great week!


Blue Monday: Enchanted Pathway

Enchanted Pathway

Blue Monday: Enchanted Pathway

A magical sight waited for us in the woodland yesterday, where a group of us gathered to celebrate a good friend’s birthday. I followed the track dividing the woodland plots and discovered that the bluebells were taking over the rutted track, once used by man and machine, now given back to nature. I’ve added this sighting to The Woodland Trust‘s online survey of bluebell woods, helping to build a national picture of the locations of our native bluebells. Sightings of hybrid and Spanish Bluebells can also be added to the Big Bluebell Watch, to help with conservation management. This is also my entry for the Fotospeed challenge this week. I expect bluebells will be featuring heavily again this week on their twitter feed and I just hope that everyone can feel the magic in my capture.


Seasons Greetings Gallery

Canal and Laboratory BuildingLit Canal and Laboratory Building

Seasons Greetings Gallery

I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately. One of the many reasons for my absence has been the creation of this gallery to send to all my family, friends, blogging buddies and followers, Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for 2017! I just love the lighting display at RHS Wisley Gardens for Christmas!

This year they have outdone themselves with the beautiful floral light-sculptures, floodlit trees and the eerily-outlandish Glasshouse After Dark. Cacti and succulents are often quite alien in appearance but lit with neon-green, blue and red lights they really did become completely otherworldly and I LOVED it 🙂

So, Happy Holidays wherever you are in the world, and however you celebrate this special time of year! I’ll speak to you all in the New Year 🙂

Lighting The Path

Frosted Beauty

Glasshouse After Dark

And a festive friend!

Festive Robin

Part of WPC: Path and Travel Theme: Shimmer which is dedicated to Vladamir Brezina from Wind Against The Current. He will live on in his photographs!