Heavenly Music

Logicaltramp at the Farncombe Music Club

Heavenly Music

On Saturday evening, while the snow was falling outside, we were inside St John’s Church, venue for The Farncombe Music Club, listening to the heavenly sounds of Logicaltramp, a tribute to the mighty Supertramp. The wonderfully atmospheric lighting to accompany the music created a vibrant backdrop on the white walls. The whole ambience of the evening was a real tonic! The spirit of Supertramp was most definitely alive and had quite a few of us dancing in the aisles.


L’Amour Looks Something Like You

The Masked Musician

L’Amour Looks Something Like You

You came out of the night,
Wearing a mask in white colour

Kate Bush from the album The Kick Inside

The mysterious, masked musician performing with the band Cloudbusting – The Music Of Kate Bush at the sold-out 40th Anniversary show, celebrating the album The Kick Inside. I promise to unmask this special guest in a write-up about this amazing concert that we went to on Saturday night. For now, I will add this piece of mystery into the Wex Mondays and Fotospeed photo challenges.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Australian Pink Floyd

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

This photo immediately came to mind for the theme Silhouette. This is one of my earlier forays into music photography, taken in 2008 at GuliFest, of the tribute band The Australian Pink Floyd Show. What a gig!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #1

Reading Ash’s description for this weeks challenge I actually felt that it was very much about how the photographer can influence the viewer’s perception with different photographic techniques.

That could include the angle or perspective at which the photograph is taken from, or how cropping an image to exclude part of the original can change the story that the viewer may interpret.

The theme itself is wide open to interpretation! One thing that sprang to mind is how I use my camera, lenses, filters and processing techniques to produce promotional images for bands and musicians.

It’s very important for people who view these musicians websites, or see flyers, to be able to get a feel for the style of music that they can expect. I try my best to convey that within my work!

In this example, my featured photograph is of Julia K, who, amongst her many musical projects, is a vocalist and keytar player for 80’s band, The Diamond Hearts. The band have done all their own styling but I wanted to add an extra 80’s twist with crisp lighting and a retro, prismatic filter. When people see this particular photo of Julia, I hope to make them think of strong female vocalists, such as Kate Bush and Annie Lennox.

Here are a few other photos from The Diamond Hearts photoshoot! Enjoy 🙂