#FeelGoodPhotoOfTheDay – Hazy Horizon

Hazy Horizon

#FeelGoodPhotoOfTheDay – Hazy Horizon

Hazy Horizon

When the way ahead
Seems lost in a haze of doubt
Focus on the now

5 comments on “#FeelGoodPhotoOfTheDay – Hazy Horizon

      • I’ve been self-isolating for over a week now, and one of the first things I did was to set up video calls with different friends, one or two per day, and it keeps me sane! My MS therapy centre physios post a live exercise class video for the members every weekday, and I try, not always successfully, to do another exercise session of some form as well. Trying to cook nice meals too, and have a glass of wine! I’m going to use this time to try and learn Lightroom, too. Oh, and blog, of course! How are YOU?

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