Blue Monday: Wonderful Wisteria

WisteriaBlue Monday: Wonderful Wisteria

I know it’s on the purple side of blue but I do just love the sight of all the wisteria draped across walls, arbours, bridges and climbing among the trees at this time of year! A real celebration of Spring 🙂

Pastel Colours Of Spring

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wowed By Warblers


Weekly Photo Challenge: Wowed By Warblers

This week I’m celebrating having seen two warblers that I have never seen or photographed before! Jubilant? You bet I am 🙂

I was alerted to the presence of both these beautiful birds by their own joyful song of Spring. This first one really took me by surprise! Only a few weeks or so before I caught sight of him I had commented on a photo by Solaner, Wordless Wednesday: Blackcap, saying how wonderful it was to see photos of a bird I have been trying to catch sight of for years! Guess what? Found him!!! The beautiful Blackcap, a member of the warbler family. Please follow the link to the RSPB site and have a listen to his song! He’s often known as the Northern Nightingale so I will dedicate these images to my long-suffering Crohn’s consultant, Dr Nightingale at St Mark’s Hospital in London. He’s a big fan of my photography and is backing a project to brighten the hospital walls with some of my floral, landscape and wildlife photos. I saw him just today and have him utterly puzzled once again over some completely unexplained abdominal pain. Tests so far suggest that it’s not a hernia, active disease or strictures! Our plan now is that next time I get an attack of severe pain that I go to my local Emergency department armed with a CT scan request form. Perhaps my bowel is getting twisted at times? It could be something completely unrelated to the Crohn’s so my local doctor has ordered an ultrasound. We’ll figure it out! Until we do I shall continue to be joyful over all the wonders of nature, especially the birds that sing so beautifully for me 🙂


This second songster is the rarely seen Wood Warbler. At first I had thought that it was probably the slightly more common Willow Warbler but the distinctive yellow throat gave it away! The most amazing thing about these two birds that I have never even laid eyes upon before, is that I discovered them both on local stretches of The Basingstoke Canal. Right on my doorstep! Having the opportunity to sit and study them for quite a while was such a thrill for me. Exquisite little birds with the most joyful song to match their delicate beauty. I feel utterly blessed 🙂



Blue Monday: Forget Her Not


Blue Monday: Forget Her Not


Your smile remembered
In the shining eyes of the
Boys you leave behind

Eyes full of wonder
At the beauty of the world
That you shared with them

Your legacy grows
Blossoming brightly in them
Nourished by your love

Each year more flowers
Will blossom in your honour
Stars of blue and gold

For my cousin David and the boys. How I wish I could just open a door, walk through to you all, and hug you! Half a world away but very much in our hearts xxx

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Blue Monday: Bluebells At Wisley

Bluebells at Wisley Gardens

Blue Monday: Bluebells At Wisley

Bluebells in woodland are the epitome of May!

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Wordless Wednesday: Busy Parents

Nuthatch bring in a bee

Wordless Wednesday: Busy Parents (Gallery)