Blue Monday: Bumper Batch Of Blue Tits

Blue Tit all puffed up

Blue Monday: Bumper Batch Of Blue Tits

Spring has got all the birds in a flutter! I had so much fun watching the blue tits last week that I decided to process a bumper batch for this week’s Blue Monday. I hope you enjoy their antics as much as I did!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

Goldcrest hovering in flight while feeding

Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful

I think one of the most graceful sights in all of nature is a bird in flight! From the smallest; our little goldcrest, who flits about so quickly among the trees and shrubs it’s hard to keep track of them, to one of our largest; the grey heron, with a giant wingspan that allows them to soar for miles traveling between bodies of water. I can never tire of watching birds in the wild! This weekend I will be doing my bit to help the RSPB collect data that is so important in conservation work, The Big Garden Birdwatch. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this weekend, perhaps you can find just ten minutes to stop and watch the birds too!

Graceful Goldrest

Graceful Grey Heron


Wordless Wednesday: Winter Visitors – Redwings


Wordless Wednesday: Winter Visitors – Redwings


Winter Birds In Shropshire 

Winter Birds In Shropshire 

We’re here in Shropshire for a few days visiting family and friends. This morning brought a surprise gift to us when a flock of waxwings swooped into the garden to breakfast on crab apples and berries. What a delight! This is the first time I have ever seen a waxwing let alone photographed one. In fact it was a first for most of the household and elicited much whispered excitement and wide-eyed wonder! I was also treated to the presence of a single fieldfare that was boisterous in its defence of territory from the blackbirds. The territory in question contained the largest amount of windfall apples in the garden! Unusual to see one on its own. Although I have come away without my computer I absolutely had to get a few images onto my phone for processing. Hope you enjoy them!